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5 Criteria for Evaluating Your Tenant

5 Criteria for Evaluating Your Tenant

5 Criteria for Evaluating Your Tenant

5 Criteria for Evaluating Your Tenant. Do you want a good tenant or a high rental income? If your answer to this question is a good tenant, then you are aware that a tenant with the right payment habits is much better than a high-income tenant candidate. Although the payment habits of tenants with banks and landlords may differ, you can obtain information about the payment scheme and credibility by requesting the printout of KKB (Credit Registration Bureau) from your tenant candidate. Thanks to KKB, you can take it as a reference for the possible payment order of your tenant, as it contains concrete information about the credit and credit card limits, payment performance, and payment history of the people.

Actually, since rental is the beginning of a long-term relationship; The behavior of your tenant candidate in the past and the problems he / she has had with other people and organizations may be an indication of your future prospects.

Take advantage of social media

By taking a brief look at the social media accounts of your tenant candidate, you can get information about both the lifestyle and the economic and social status of the person. You can get information about the person as well as the environment through social media accounts. In addition to this quick and very useful first impression, rely on your hunch and do not rent your house to this person if you encounter an uneasy situation.

Find Out Your Tenant’s Marital Status

In addition to the marital status of your tenant candidate, find out if his spouse is working if he is married, where he is working, if he is working, whether he has children, if any, how old they are, and if he is single, whether he plans to get married soon. People planning to get married soon may be moving to a different house and want to terminate their lease early, which could result in loss of income. In addition, get information about where he is currently living, why he moved to, when he plans to move home. Also, if you are able to spare time, talk to the landlord and neighbors of the flat where your tenant candidate lives. Especially in smaller neighborhoods, you can get information about the person by contacting the nearby tradesmen.

Request a Surety from Your Tenant Candidate

Do not hesitate to ask for one or two guarantors from the person you are renting your home to, depending on the situation. If the candidate is a reliable person, he / she can easily bring you a surety because people do not hesitate to vouch for trusted people. However, if he cannot find a guarantor even for the lease, reconsider your tenant candidate.

Request a Deposit

Ask for a deposit of at least one rental fee from the person you will rent your house to. Stay away from those who want to give bills instead of making the deposit payment in cash, or those who say they will pay after moving home.

You Should Consider Many Factors When Choosing a Tenant

Apart from the criteria we recommend you consider while evaluating your tenants, we would like to remind you some basic rules that you should pay attention to. First of all, take care to determine your rental price correctly. The rental price you have determined under the price may cause you to lose, and the rental price you have determined above the market value may cause you to be unable to rent your property for a long time and also to lose income. In addition, people who can not rent other properties due to their qualifications, who are called “bad tenants”, may demand your property even if the rental price is high. While you think that you are renting a higher value than the market value of your house, you may realize that you are faced with a problematic tenant.

If the candidate who wants to rent your property has minor repairs or renovation requests, do not hesitate in cases where you think the person will be a good tenant. You can also think of these expenses as a long-term investment that enables you to find a good tenant. Remember that if you lose a good tenant for small expenses, your property may be vacant for a few months and you may have turned down the opportunity to be profitable in the long term.

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