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8 Natural Beauties You Must See in Sakarya This Summer

8 Natural Beauties You Must See in Sakarya This Summer

8 Natural Beauties You Must See in Sakarya This Summer

8 Natural Beauties You Must See in Sakarya This Summer. Sakarya, which has hosted many civilizations in history due to its geographical area, is now of great importance and there are many places to see in Sakarya.

Being a transit route due to its location between Istanbul and Ankara cities, this city stands out with the abundance of natural beauties. It is possible to visit both the surrounding districts and the center of this province, which has a developed transportation network. Be prepared to meet the view of this province in terms of historical places.

Although it takes a day to visit the places in the center of Sakarya city, you will need to spend at least four days to discover the beauty of the districts. As mentioned before, you can see that the time you take to explore the peace in this province,  natural beauties, and historical sites in Sakarya is worth it. If you do not have a private vehicle, it is important to determine your routes in advance for a planned trip. 8 Natural Beauties You Must See in Sakarya This Summer.

Turkey’s second longest beach Karasu is located in this province. In addition, the earthquake museum contains structures such as Doğançay Waterfall, Sapanca lake, Justinianus and Çark Caddesi. For this reason, we can say that there are many places to visit in Sakarya. Piece of land located between the provinces and the crossroads of the major cities of Turkey in terms of population, property and the natural beauty provides a large number of foreign and domestic tourists accomodating.

Cigdem Plateau

Located in Hendek district, this plateau is among the natural places to visit in Sakarya. In addition to being in an area covered with greenery, its clean air is among the beauties that appeal to people. This plateau, which is very convenient for camping, hosts many festivals in July every year. In addition to participating in the festivities, if you prefer to surrender to the peace of nature, you should come to Çiğdem Plateau.

Maden Creek

Maden Stream, located between Karasu district of Sakarya province and Kocaeli province, hosted the Mining Facility operated by the French until 1914. Located among the greenery, this creek is among the  natural places to visit in Sakarya  , and the sound of the stream is said to have features that fascinate those who listen. If you wish, you can watch this uniquely beautiful view until any time you want or you can have a picnic respecting nature. If you have a plan to camp anywhere, we recommend you to camp at Maden Creek in Sakarya.

sapanca Lake

There are many natural beauties in Sakarya that must be visited and seen. Sapanca lake, one of them, offers peace of mind to its guests coming here with its natural appearance surrounded by forests. If you wish, you can rent a boat and take a tour in Sapanca lake or if you wish, you can sit in the surrounding cafes and watch the unique view of the lake. The length of the lake is approximately 16 km and its surface area is approximately 42 km.

The main streams feeding this lake are;

  • Goat Creek
  • Esme Stream
  • Burn Creek
  • Ciftepinar Creek
  • Stallion Creek
  • Istanbul Stream
  • Arifiye Stream
  • Mining Creek
  • Derbent Creek

The excess water of Sapanca Lake is poured into Sakarya River located at its eastern end. According to the researches, an average of 80 bird species have been observed in Sapanca lakes. It offers the opportunity to host thousands of birds throughout the year. The fish species commonly seen in Sapanca Lake are pike, catfish and carp. Sapanca Lake is a point where rowing, sailing or surfing races are held, and there is also the opportunity to ride with canoe. In this respect, the lake attracts many athletes and visitors. There are many accommodation possibilities around Sapanca lake. Many rental villas and luxury hotels are open to visitors.

Sakarya Museum

Located in Adapazarı district of Sakarya, this museum was built between 1910 and 1915. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his mother stayed in this building in 1922. This museum, which mostly includes ethnography and archaeological works, was built in 1983. Apart from the Byzantine and Roman period artifacts, many items belonging to Atatürk are exhibited in the Sakarya Museum.

Earthquake Museum

This museum, which has the feature of an earthquake museum, which is the first in our country and the fourth in the world, was put into service in 2004. In the museum, where earthquakes and objects are located, there is also a stand that causes an artificial earthquake. We can definitely recommend you to add the Earthquake Museum to your Sakarya trip plan. 8 Natural Beauties You Must See in Sakarya This Summer.

Cark Street

Çark Street, located in Adapazarı district of Sakarya province, is the busiest street of this province. Çark Street is busy at all hours of the day and there are many bars, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Çark Street, which was badly damaged in the 1999 earthquake, is now in recovery and is almost the heart of Sakarya province.

Even if it was a street with vehicle traffic long ago, it is now closed to traffic and only open to pedestrians. Many things that may be required in the city of Sakarya can be found easily in many streets. Çark Caddesi, street by street, street by street are the first places to see and visit in this city for those who like to walk.


It was built in the Byzantine period, which is one of the oldest historical buildings that should be seen in Sakarya. Its real name is the Justinianus Bridge and this bridge, which is located in the Serdivan district in Beşköprü area, is now often referred to as Beşköprü due to its location.

Karasu Beach

Located in Karasu District and has 15 km long has the distinction of being the second longest beach in Turkey. This beach, which has an average distance of two hours from the city center, is among the places that are frequently preferred by people during the summer season, usually on weekends, due to its proximity to Istanbul.

Due to the fact that it has a coast on the Black Sea, the sea with high waves is always risky for swimming, but it is always full due to all the beauty of the beach. There is also the opportunity to do many activities on the beach. Since there will be a lot of crowds in the summer, September, which is the most ideal period, should be preferred. It is thought by locals that beach sands cure many rheumatism ailments.

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