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AP: Israel’s Attack is Shocking and Terrifying

AP: Israel’s Attack is Shocking and Terrifying

AP: Israel's Attack is Shocking and Terrifying

AP: Israel’s Attack is Shocking and Terrifying. Associated Press (AP) “We couldn’t find any clue that Hamas was active in the building,” said Gary Pruitt, CEO of Associated Press (AP), after the building where his offices were located in the Gaza strip was destroyed by Israeli missiles. “It’s an incredibly disturbing development. We narrowly avoided a terrible loss of life,” he said.

It was stated that the AP requested information from the Israeli government and was in contact with the US State Department, and the demolished building is home to a number of offices, including those of the Arab satellite channel Al-Jazeera. He described the attack as shocking and terrifying.

In the statement made by the AP, it was stated that the Israeli army called and warned them by phone and gave them an hour to leave the building, while 12 AP personnel and freelancers were working and resting in the office. It was stated that everyone could go out with a few belongings and then 3 heavy missiles turned the 12-storey building into a giant dust cloud.


The statement said, “Although no one was injured, the airstrike destroyed the office, which was like a second home for EP journalists, and opened a new page in the already shaky relationship between the Israeli army and the international media.”

It was also stated that press freedom groups condemned the attack and accused the army of “trying to censor the news of Israel’s relentless attack on Hamas”, claiming that the building is home to Hamas intelligence.

It was stated that the AP made urgent calls to the Israeli army, the Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister’s office before the demolition, but this was either ‘ignored’ or ‘told that there was nothing to do’.

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