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As of April 1 4.5g Finally in Turkey!

As of April 1 4.5g Finally in Turkey!

As of April 1 4.5g Finally in Turkey!

As of April 1 4.5g Finally in Turkey! So what are the 4.5G innovations, in which situations should they be used, what will change with 4.5G? We researched and wrote down the answers to all the questions you are curious about.

We frequently hear about G technologies used in many telecommunication devices such as internet, radar and wireless communication, especially mobile phones. G is used for generation, that is, generation. New generation technologies that we have been hearing frequently lately… G technologies also change and develop over time. Each new “G” makes us buy a new phone. In order to use these phones and new technologies, your mobile network needs to support this and even make high investments if necessary. Let’s take a look at how the G’s got into our lives:

•     1G (1st generation):  The analog system we used in the first phones, where only the sound is transferred.

•     2G (2nd generation) : GSM and GPRS can be shown as examples of the applications of the system that currently holds 60% of the communication technologies market. With 2G, the ability to send SMS, ie message, has been added to the phones.

•     3G (3rd generation):  Mobile internet technology that provides ADSL speed internet connection over mobile phones. Advanced multimedia features such as wireless voice, data, video and remote management, and features such as e-mail, web page viewing, fax, video conferencing have been added to our lives. Although it may seem like mobile phone features to us, 3G is now used in different areas such as military, transportation, air and sea.

•     4G (4th generation): There  are many technologies named 4G as in 3G. HSPA + 21/42, WiMAX and LTE… You can say the names are too technical for me. In short, this generation of technology is expected to solve coverage problems and offer high resolution in a wireless environment. Because it is not possible to watch a high resolution video or TV channel on mobile with the internet we use today. 4G is expected to make a big difference in terms of speed and signal quality.

Of course, this speed is valid in theory; The performance of 4G can vary depending on many factors such as the distance to the base station, the density of the network or the features of your smartphone. Just like the slowness we are experiencing with the 3G we are using right now. So infrastructure and density are important.

4G was first introduced in South Korea in 2007. While 4G, which is currently serving in nearly 50 countries, has not spread all over the world, preparations have already begun for the transition to the fifth generation system due to reasons such as the increase in the need for high-quality video or large-scale data transfer, and the increase in the number of subscribers.

What Will Change With 4.5G?

Basically, the connection speed in 4.5G, which is expected to solve the coverage problem seen in 3G, can reach up to 1 Gbps in 100 Mbps wi-fi. What does this mean? It means a noticeable difference in the data download speed of smart devices.

Transition to 4.5G

Once the infrastructure is ready, you must have a 4G compatible smartphone to use this fast technology. However, this is not enough, your SIM card must also be compatible with 4.5G technology. You can check with your GSM operator whether your SIM card supports 4.5G or not.

Are you in a place where 4G is not available or where you are not covered by 4G? Then it will be unnecessary to have a mobile phone with 4G. On mobile phones with LTE, on the other hand, it is recommended that you do not forget 4G open because it puts a huge load on the 4G battery. If you are one of those who care about battery life, using 3G may make more sense for you.

Overall, 4G provides a significant advantage when transferring large amounts of data. It seems that it will make a difference, especially for those who watch videos, and those who connect their mobile phone and laptop to the Internet. However, the quotas of your service provider are important here, too. If you do not pay attention, you can consume your internet quota in your pocket with the speed of 4G.

4G means being able to broadcast more uninterrupted and high image quality with YouTube and Periscope for your daily life. It means calls with higher sound quality. It means making stutter-free video chats with higher image quality in applications such as Skype and FaceTime. It means downloading large files in a shorter time, faster and without stuttering …

You decide… how much do you need 4.5G?

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