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Can I Generate and Sell Electricity from Solar Energy on the Roof?

Can I Generate and Sell Electricity from Solar Energy on the Roof?

Generate and Sell Electricity from Solar Energy on the Roof?

Can I Generate and Sell Electricity from Solar Energy on the Roof? It is possible to produce and sell electricity from solar energy on the roof. For this, first of all, those who want to generate electricity by using solar energy should have solar energy systems installed on their roofs. Afterward, it is possible for distribution companies to apply to the distribution companies and sell the electricity production and the electricity they obtain from usage. In order to generate electricity, people can install the solar energy system on the roofs of the detached house they live in, or on the roofs of the apartment with the approval of the apartment.

Where to Apply to Install Solar Energy on the Roof?

In order for people to apply to electricity distribution companies, they must want to install GES below 10kW. With this request, they can apply to electricity distribution companies. However, they should choose the company located in the provinces they live in for application. Company officials request documents from the applicants and, after the submission of these documents, they give approval for the establishment of GES at the end of their examinations.

What are the documents to be submitted in Solar Energy Installation Applications?

Those who want to install a solar energy system in order to generate electricity on their roofs must have documents with them during the application. They must submit these documents to the electricity distribution company.

The documents to be submitted in the application are as follows;

  • Applicant’s ID and photocopy
  • Application form (to be obtained from the distribution company)
  • The approval of the apartment management if it is requested to install an energy system on the roof of the apartment.
  • Subscription documents
  • Line diagram to be prepared by the electrical engineer
  • Application sketch prepared by a topographical engineer

These documents and other documents that may be requested by the company are submitted in full and the application is made. With the approval of the application, the establishment of the system and production starts.

What Should Be Considered While Generating Electricity with Solar Energy on the Roof?

Producers should pay attention to some issues in order to produce electricity efficiently by using the solar energy system installed on the roof.

The things to be considered while generating electricity are as follows;

  • For an efficient electricity generation, the southern facade of the roof should be used.
  • Electricity distribution companies should be informed that it is desired to generate electricity using solar energy.
  • High quality solar energy system and equipment to be used for electricity generation should be selected.
  • It should be worked with a specialist company.
  • There should not be any obstacle such as antenna or chimney in the area where the solar energy system will be installed.
  • Panels and equipment must be properly installed on the roof by expert teams.

After the establishment of the system by taking these elements into consideration, electricity can be produced with the approval of Tedaş and electricity distribution companies and signing the contract.

How Much Are The Approximate Costs Of Solar Panels?

People who want to install a solar energy system on the roof of their homes wonder how much this system will cost. The cost is determined according to the free space on the roof and the solar panels to be installed in this area and the system. However, if the calculation is made, it will be revealed that people can set up this system with a cost of at least 50 thousand TL. With a larger free space on the roof, it is possible that this cost can increase up to 100 thousand TL.

People who spend between 50 thousand and 100 thousand costs to install the solar energy system on the roof can earn around 8-10 thousand TL per month thanks to the system. In this way, it is possible for them to get the cost they spend in a short time. Since the service life of solar panels is 17 years on average, they can profit by continuing to generate electricity for 17 years.

How is Government Supported Electricity Sales Provided?

A new law has been enacted by the state in order to encourage people to generate electricity with solar energy. According to this law, people who produce electricity by using solar energy system on their roofs are given the opportunity to sell the electricity they produce more than they need. State-sponsored electricity sales price has been determined for this sale to be made through electricity distribution companies. This price is $ 13.3 per kilowatt.

People who want to sell their electricity to distribution companies earn income in this way. However, for the realization of this transaction, the expense slip is cut for the electricity to be sold to distribution companies. Likewise, distribution companies pay the person selling their electricity by issuing an expense slip. Thanks to the sales process, the producer does not have to pay income tax. In addition, he does not need to do things such as bookkeeping or invoicing.

Do Those Who Generate Solar Energy on the Roof Pay Tax?

By installing solar energy on the roofs of the houses or apartments they live in, incentive rights are offered to increase the number of people who produce their own electricity. These rights include the right to tax exemption. In order to benefit from the tax exemption right, people who generate electricity from the solar energy they set up on their roofs must sell their excess electricity to distributors. This way, they do not pay taxes for their sales.

When a solar energy system is installed in the apartment, the condominium partners in the apartment are exempt from tax on the income they obtain from the electricity generated. People in this situation do not pay tax when they sell excess electricity. In addition, people who sell electricity do not carry out transactions such as declaration, bookkeeping and document editing.

Is it Possible for a Person Generating Electricity from Solar Energy on his Roof to Sell his House with SPP?

In cases where people who generate electricity by installing a solar energy system on the roof of the house they live in need to sell their houses, the status of the solar energy system (Ges) is wondered. It is possible for those in this situation to transfer GES to new consumers by signing a sales contract with the people who will buy their homes.

After the agreement is signed, the person who will move to the house applies to the grid operator to which the solar energy system is connected. With this application, he states that he will continue to produce electricity by using the solar energy system. In this case, an agreement is signed between the company and the new consumer to use the system. This agreement must be signed within two days of application. In this way, the owner of the solar energy system on the roof becomes the new owner of the house. Thus, it continues to produce electricity and sells the surplus electricity it generates.

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