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Combo Vaccine Miracle

Combo Vaccine Miracle

Combo Vaccine Miracle

Combo Vaccine Miracle. Spanish scientists made an application that has never been tried on humans until now. People who had the AstraZeneca vaccine were administered BioNTech as a second dose.

The CombiVacS study was conducted by the research group Instituo de Salut Carlos III, and 672 participants aged between 18 and 59 were used.

Of these people who received the first dose with AstraZeneca, 442 were given the second dose of Pfizer / BioNTech. The remaining ones were kept as an observation group. The Spanish newspaper El Pais wrote that the application, which was previously performed only on guinea pigs, gave spectacular results in humans.


After the vaccine combination, the rate of protection in the group receiving the second dose of BioNTech was measured to be much greater than the group receiving the second dose of AstraZeneca. While the protection rate was calculated as three times in those with two doses of the same vaccine, this rate increased up to 7 times in combination with the vaccine.

So far, the team has only looked at antibody increases or their rates. No study has been done on the activation of T-cells, which are more difficult to investigate and find.


AstraZeneca vaccine activates T cells, while BioNTech vaccine stimulates antibodies. For this reason, mistakes have always been made in comparing the effectiveness rates of both vaccines.

Because both work differently and naturally have different effects. Getting such clear results from the “combination vaccine”, which was applied for the first time with such a wide participation, showed that two different systems can be used in vaccination.

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