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Critical Statements from President Erdoğan Regarding the Declaration of Retired Admirals

Critical Statements from President Erdoğan Regarding the Declaration of Retired Admirals

Critical Statements from President Erdoğan Regarding the Declaration of Retired Admirals

Critical Statements from President Erdoğan Regarding the Declaration of Retired Admirals. President Erdogan made a statement after the announcement of 104 retired admirals regarding the Montreux agreement, Kanal Istanbul, and the cadres of the TSK. Reacting strongly to the admirals, Erdogan said, “First of all, this action, which was carried out at midnight, is definitely a malicious attempt.” Erdogan also said about the turbaned admiral, “We did not look positively at the soldier who gave photographs incompatible with the disciplined understanding of the Turkish Armed Forces.”

The declaration published by 104 retired admirals on Saturday night remains on the agenda. While statements were made by political parties one after another, the AKP took the FMC meeting to be held on Thursday.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also held a meeting on the subject today in Beştepe. The Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar and the Commander of the Navy also attended the meeting.


Following the meeting, which lasted about 2 hours and 10 minutes, Erdogan’s speech, before the cameras, is as follows:

* At the meeting we just held, we discussed in detail the discussions on an issue that has occupied our country for two days. First of all, this action, which took place in the middle of the night, is definitely a malevolent attempt in terms of both its style, its management and the discussions that are clearly to cause.

Critical Statements from President Erdoğan Regarding the Declaration of Retired Admirals

* Duty of retired admirals; 104 of them did not come together and publish statements containing coup allusions on a political debate.

Likewise, no retired public official has the right to collectively resort to such a method. We have not seen these admirals, diplomats and others come together in any of our struggles from Syria to Libya, from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Aegean, from Cyprus to Karabakh and issue a statement of support for their country.


* We also did not see these while standing by our nation against the July 15 coup attempt initiated by FETO traitors. On the contrary, we have followed, with regret, the statements and stances of some of the admirals, which have been signed, against the rights and interests of our country.

* The reason for the debate is definitely not a matter of freedom of expression. Some of the names here have been voicing the same views in various media and political platforms for a long time.


* No investigation or similar action has been taken against any name for his statements in the media or in the political sphere, but it is never acceptable for 104 retired admirals to make such an attempt at midnight in a country full of past coups and declarations.

* We cannot call this freedom of expression. Freedom of expression certainly does not include sentences that begin by saying ‘otherwise’ and threatening the country’s elected administration with a coup d’état.


* Such statements are accepted as an attack on democracy, the rule of law, the rule of law, and the rule of national will all over the world and are treated in the same way.

* Another reason why the published declaration received such a strong reaction from our nation is that it was perceived as part of a much larger campaign.

* Some segments of the so-called intellectuals, former diplomats, former MPs and so-called intellectuals known for their hostility towards our country, have been targeting the legislative, executive and judiciary with similar discourses for a while.

Critical Statements from President Erdoğan Regarding the Declaration of Retired Admirals

* Moreover, most of them are people who have not helped the nation without the obelisk in the country. Unfortunately, some of our politicians also deny themselves by supporting this dirty campaign.


* As soon as the declaration was published, I would strongly expect all politicians to stand firmly and with the loudest opposition at this point, and if they had done so, I would be here today just to thank you for the support given to the national will.

* A mentality that stands behind all the anti-democracy declarations of all the efforts of the tutelage of all coups made in our country on the national will, has determined its side in the same direction this time.

* We once again call on the main opposition party, which failed to get out of the control of a small organized segment, despite receiving the necessary message from our nation in every election it entered, to take a stand in favor of democracy.


* On behalf of myself and my nation, I would also like to express my gratitude to all political party leaders and representatives, judicial institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations in our provinces, who responded to the statement they deserve and took a stand in favor of the national will.

* As always, our direct counterpart is our nation. Today, we came together to account for what happened with our nation and to share our road map with our nation. We will show those who dare to threaten the government chosen by the nation, together with our nation.

* We see that some people disdain the work by saying “what is there to enlarge”. Every attack on democracy in Turkey has come after such notification. They did so to the deceased Menderes on 27 May, and the administration intervened with a declaration on 12 March. They also tried to intimidate governments before September 12 with threats.

* On February 28, they attacked the legitimate administration of the country with this recklessness. In the period of our own governments, they could not bring the rest because we showed the most severe reaction against such initiatives. They tried an armed coup on the night of July 15, but they had to flee by snapping their tails at dawn in the face of the glorious resistance of our nation.


* Our nation knows very well in its recent history where the end of the business could lead unless an immediate and most effective attitude is taken against open threats to the national will. For this reason, we pay particular attention to the published notice and demonstrate our determination to implement every necessary measure.

* Of course, there will be those who want to make this issue a tool of political abuse. We will settle accounts with them at the ballot box. Our nation sees who stands by the democracy and the rule of law, and whose putschists and guardians are under the seat.

* Hopefully, we will present all these events in the 2023 elections to the discretion of our nation, and we will follow the results of our struggle for independence and future together.

* In the statement made, two basic claims are set forth. The first is that the Montreux agreement was opened for discussion, the second claim is some images in the press and social media.

* As it is known, after our War of Independence, the solution of the problem related to the status of the straits, along with some issues, was left to the following years. After long negotiations, we signed the Montreux agreement with some states, some of which were not directly related to the straits, in 1936, just before the Second World War.


* Leaves no doubt the throat of control, albeit with many borders to Turkey instead of an international commission of this contract, the conditions in the period was an important achievement. It is also a fact that we have encountered many controversial issues in the straits that are not compatible with this convention since the date it was signed.

* The fact that the ship traffic in the straits has reached a level that will threaten the safety or cause serious time losses is another dimension of the issue. Despite everything, we consider the gains Montreux has provided to our country as important and we continue our commitment to this contract until we find the opportunity for the better.

* So, where did the Montreux debate, which is our topic now, come from? Since the date we signed it, many opinions have been made about this convention, from the academy world, the media, diplomacy, and the military.

* Today, the convention continues to be discussed in all its dimensions. Parliament in the days when our president receives Turkey’s decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention had posed a question by giving Montreux example in this context.

* Our chairman of the assembly, who is also a lawyer, explained the issue by giving a reply stating that it is completely theoretical, but also clearly stated that there is no such thing as withdrawing from Montreux.


* The subject of this long-standing debate in an academic theoretical approach has been turned into the backbone of the declaration that retired admirals came together and published. If the aim is to contribute to the debate on the Montreux Convention, the medium is not to publish a paper, but to express an opinion in the academic world and the media.

* This is already done. No one at the academy, because of the discussions in the media in the political field, has not caught anyone’s collar, and has not tried to draw the issue to other media.


* Channel Istanbul Turkey With that out of the limitations of the maritime traffic in the Bosporus burden will be eased Montreux fully regains its sovereignty in an alternative.

* This is our struggle for domination. So are we now dominating the Bosphorus? Unfortunately… In other words, Kanal Istanbul is a project that will strengthen our sovereignty rights in the Bosphorus.

* Turkey’s national sovereignty rights in the name of Kemalism and republicanism are opposed to such a project that arbitration is the biggest enemy of Atatürk and the Republic.


* The President and the rights and interests of the country’s biggest party I serve as chairman of Turkey and the Turkish nation is to do what it requires. We still have neither a study nor an intention to opt out of the Montreux Convention.


* But if a need arises in the future, we will not refrain from reviewing the contract in order to make our country better. We open them to international agreement or discussion.


* On the second issue in the statement, I also stated the opening speech of the previous meeting, I would like to hear the following points to my nation.

* In the past, we objected to the rectors who attended the rallies held against the elected government with their robes in the name of democracy and law. In the past, we criticized the members of the judiciary who participated in briefings targeting the political power with their robes in the name of democracy and law.

* In the past, we have clearly stated that we do not find the actions of the soldiers who violated the national will with their uniforms in the name of democracy and law.


* We are in the same place today. We did not look positively at the soldier who gave photographs that would not be compatible with the discipline understanding of the Turkish Armed Forces.

* It is clear that this is an isolated incident. On the day the image was published, our Turkish Armed Forces already initiated and concluded a multifaceted administrative investigation.

* Our Ministry of National Defense, which is still working on the subject, will also do its part. We certainly consider malicious use of this image, which we also find wrong, as an excuse for a declaration that will cause total unrest in the country and the nation.

* Likewise, those who try to draw our National Defense University into the discussions on secularism and Kemalism with information that are all false or wrong have insidious aims. It is understood that those who expressed the implications of the coup as “officers are uncomfortable” in the past, now, thanks to our National Defense University, have transferred the job to retired admirals when they are deprived of this opportunity.


* I once again underline that the transformation of the issues to be resolved within democracy and the law into the pretext of coup declarations is not an indication of commitment to the constitution despite the political authority, on the contrary, it is a clear threat to the constitution.

* Only this discussion is enough to prove the need for a new and civilian constitution passage of a constitution itself the product of Turkey’s coups.

* At a time when Turkey is the most need to look with hope to the future of our nation especially we can not afford to tolerate any move to disrupt the morale of our young people.


* Wednesday, Turkey’s economy in terms of the epidemic in detail which demonstrates the success of our nation, I will share. We refer to the discretion of our nation those who seek to recruit power from the catastrophe of their own countries and nation.

* Currently among these 104 people who are members of the Republican People’s Party; There are those who have themselves, a wife, a son, this, or a bus. You will see them in print and visual media soon.


* And at the center of this is actually the main opposition party itself. We are talking about something in the economy, we will continue to struggle to bring the Turkish economy to a much better place on the basis of investment, employment, production and exports.

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