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Exercising to Fight Depression

Exercising to Fight Depression

Exercising to Fight Depression

Exercising to Fight Depression. Exercise is the last thing most people with depression want to do. The dark hole of depression can make even getting out of bed every day a seemingly impossible task. If you suffer from depression, it’s imperative that you see your doctor or a therapist first, but don’t be surprised if they prescribe some type of exercise regimen for you to follow in addition to some of the more normal treatments for depression.

Although it may seem difficult to get out and start exercising when you are depressed, there are some real benefits to be gained.

1. Increases your self-confidence. As you get in better shape, you will have more confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.

2. Increases your self-esteem. Exercise will improve your appearance and sense of self-worth. It will also improve your health and vitality.

3. Distraction. Having a specific schedule for your exercise routine gives you something to look forward to, no matter what happens, and can help take your mind off your problems.

4. Stress relief. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress and frustration.

5. Don’t go out. Exercising allows you to go out and interact with other people, whether at the gym or greeting people during your night walk.

6. Good coping strategy. Exercising is beneficial for anyone who does it. It is a positive way of dealing with depression, anxiety or stress because you will benefit from it in the long run.

An important thing to note is that although it may seem like starting exercise while you’re depressed, if you can get started, the benefits will outweigh any negative thoughts you might have about doing so. And once you go, don’t give up. When you decide to start exercising, make sure you don’t overdo it. Because nothing causes you to lose all your attention like a sore and broken body. Here are some general guidelines to consider before starting your exercise program.

1. Talk to your doctor or therapist first. They can guide you and direct you to someone who can help you create an exercise program that suits you.

2. Set simple goals. Exercise should be fun and make you feel good. Don’t approach it like you’re training for the Olympics. Start easily and build from there.

3. Go with what you love. If you have exercised in the past and enjoyed what you have done, start again. For some people, just taking a walk is fun for them.

4. Find a workout buddy. Exercising with a friend is great for raising your mood. It gives you someone to talk to and enjoy your workout.

5. Get out. Going to the fresh air and sun is always a good way to improve your mood. Even if you’re exercising at the gym, take time to go for a walk a few times a week.

6. Don’t let mishaps get you down. Some days you may not be able to get into your exercise. Don’t let this bother you, it happens to everyone. Go ahead and you will see your growth.

Using exercise as a treatment for depression is a growing trend. However, if you feel depressed or show symptoms of depression, you should always consult your doctor or therapist. Starting an exercise program on your own is not the right thing to do. It should be used in conjunction with other treatments such as drug therapy and therapy. Exercise, taken in combination with these other therapies, can be a great way to combat your depression.

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