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Historical Buildings That Must See in Konya

Historical Buildings That Must See in Konya

Historical Buildings That Must See in Konya

Historical Buildings That Must See in Konya. Konya is one of Turkey’s most popular cities to be visited. Turkey has the largest surface area of ​​the province that feature. It is among the provinces with a high population density. Konya, which has quite a lot of flat plains, is a popular city in terms of historical artifacts. One feature that stands out, in particular, is that Turkish was used as an official language in Konya for the first time in history.

This city, where important works were built during the Seljuk period, is of great importance. It contains many historical buildings that must be seen. Konya, which is described as the city of Mevlana, is a city with excellent historical monuments. Once it was the capital of the Seljuk state, it added a special importance to it. It has many historical buildings to visit. There are many historical buildings that must be seen in Konya .

museum of Mevlana

The museum, which was built due to the fact that Mevlana, who gave Konya a different identity, lived here and his tomb is located here, is a very popular historical building. It is one of the historical places to visit in Konya. Many people come to Konya just to see this museum.

It is a building with a very high moral value among the historical buildings that must be seen in Konya . This historical building, which has a very special structure, has been a museum since 1926. There are private rooms inside this historical building and inside the rooms there are gifts from Seljuk sultans. Gifts from those times are still preserved to this day. This magnificent structure has survived for years and has become one of the most popular works of today.

Karatay Madrasa

Karatay Madrasa is among the historical buildings that must be seen in Konya. This madrasa was built in 1251, II. It was built in the time of Izzettin Keykavus. This madrasa started to be used as a tile museum in 1955. The madrasa is a wonderful building with a very large dome structure. There are 28 hadiths at the entrance of this madrasa. The person who built this madrasa is known as the Seljuk vizier, Karatay Bin Abdullah. The madrasa has a very perfect historical structure. Especially the entrance part of the madrasa attracts the attention of the visitors with its wonderful decorations. This madrasa is still used as a tile museum today.

Alaeddin Mosque Another monument that should be seen in Konya is Alaeddin Mosque. This historical building is located on Alaeddin Hill as one of the most visited places in Konya. In this building, which belongs to the Seljuk period, there are marble columns belonging to Byzantine and Roman. This magnificent work has four entrance gates and the entrances are in the east direction. The work is very popular with visitors.

Sircali Madrasa

Konya is among the most visited cities with its magnificent historical buildings. One of these works, Sırçalı Madrasa is among the historical buildings that must be seen in Konya . This historical work, built in 1242, was built by Bedrettin Muslih, who was an emir during the Seljuk period. This work, which was used as a madrasa until 1924, has been restored since 1950 and started to serve as a museum. This madrasah, which has a very aesthetic appearance, is a very rich building as a tile. However, this tile started to shed over time. Despite this, it has never lost its historical structure and preserved its place among the favorite historical monuments of Konya.

Thin Minaret Madrasa

Ince Minaret Madrasa, which is among the magnificent historical buildings of Konya, is one of the most visited places. Keluk Bin Abdullah is the architect of this shah work. It is among the historical buildings that must be seen in Konya . This work was made to teach hadith science. II. This work, which was built in the period of Izzettin Keykavus, is a wonderful structure made entirely of stone. Especially the vegetal and geometric shapes at the entrance of the mosque attract the attention of the visitors. Rubble and cut stone were used in its construction, and it became a single-honored lightning strike in 1901. This mosque became the Stone and Wooden Works Museum in 1956.

Gomec Hatun Tomb

This tomb is among the historical buildings that must be seen in Konya . It is not known when and by whom this masterpiece was made. This historical monument, which has a very interesting structure, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is made of a combination of brick and stone. There are tiles at the entrance door of this work and it is very striking. There are very few examples of this tomb, which is quite different in terms of its structure. It is one of the rare structures in this work.

Aziziye Mosque

Aziziye Mosque, one of Konya’s magnificent historical monuments, is an Ottoman-era structure. This building has two minarets and a single dome. The mosque has large windows that attract attention. European style is seen in the mosque’s structure. Therefore, it has a different architecture than other historical monuments. This building, which has five different entrances, is among the historical buildings that must be seen in Konya . In addition, there are decorated stones and nice writing inside the mosque.

Other must-see historical buildings in Konya

Konya has been a very important city for both the Seljuk and the Ottoman Empire. Especially, this city, which has a lot of artifacts from the Seljuk period, hosts thousands of visitors. There are many historical buildings that must be seen in Konya .

Some of these structures are:

  • Aya Eleni Church
  • Sultan Selim Mosque
  • Firebase Veli Tomb
  • Kadi Mürsel Mosque
  • Meram Turkish Bath
  • Zazadin Inn
  • İplikçi Mosque
  • Hasbey Darül Huffazi
  • Green shrine
  • Beysehir Castle

Many more works such as these structures are in Konya. The city of Konya, which contains these buildings, each of which is beautiful separately, is a wonderful city.

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