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Historical Buildings to Visit in Antalya

Historical Buildings to Visit in Antalya

Historical Buildings to Visit in Antalya

Historical Buildings to Visit in Antalya Without a doubt, worth visiting Turkey and seen a lot of cities, counties, and regions. One of them, of course, is Antalya. Both its location and its dazzling beauty, Antalya is a very beneficial city for tourists and locals. People from the surrounding provinces say that it has a different texture. It is one of the places to go and see. So much so that when some places are told, they give a different impression when they go different, that’s Antalya. In this article, we will take care not to leave any question marks in your mind by examining the subject of historical buildings that should be visited in Antalya.

Location of Antalya

It is found in the western Mediterranean. It is close to cities such as Muğla, Burdur, Isparta and Karaman. 5, one of Turkey’s most populous province Antalya, also very much welcomes tourists. In fact, it is the city that hosts the most tourists. For this reason, it is known as the “capital of tourism”. The most populous district is Kepez. Antalya manages to attract the attention of many people due to its location, which is quite right. Moreover, we haven’t mentioned the historical buildings in the city yet.

History of Antalya

Making a name for itself with its magnificent and historical buildings, Antalya has also been a frequent destination for the inhabitants of the past. II. It is known to be founded by Attalos. After the kingdom of Bergama, the state remained independent and was occupied by pirates. In 77 BC, Commander Servilius Isauricus decided to include Antalya in Roman lands. Antalya was called Pamphylia at that time, which means “very fertile”.

Later, it was named Attaleia and today it has changed to Antalya. The current name of the province has managed to come from the Republic period to the present day. The people who lived 40 thousand years ago to Antalya are examined within historical buildings. These structures are of great importance for Antalya and are increasingly valued. The city, which succeeds in attracting the attention of tourists, almost makes you want to go and see it with its beauty.

What Makes Antalya So Special?

Antalya is in a very different position apart from the meanings we attribute to it. Not only is its value highly known, it is a city that deserves more than we give it to it thanks to the historical buildings it contains. Therefore, whether you choose Antalya for vacation or for living, it will welcome you with its warm people and air, and you may have to return unwillingly. Its people are very friendly and welcome you. It treats you as if you were a local, and you don’t want to go back from there. So now you are fascinated by Antalya.

Why Should Antalya Be Preferred?

The best answer to the question of why Antalya is highly preferred is because a huge city feels like your home. This is one of the details that make it so striking. Sometimes it may not feel like this, you find your place strange People do not feel sincere and you want to get away from there immediately, but Antalya does not make you feel this at all. You may feel as if you have visited or even lived there often before. Maybe you will leave the sweet tiredness of the year there and return to your destination in peace. Of course, Antalya doesn’t just have people. Its greenery, food, beaches will not let you leave by enchanting you. You should go and give it a chance if you are bored of places where there is no green.

Historical Buildings of Antalya

It is possible to talk about very beautiful buildings. Thanks to the historical buildings that take you to a different location than when you were, you will satisfy your curiosity and you will be able to learn more or less about what happened in history. So what are these structures?

  • Temple of Apollo in Side
  • Aspendos theatre
  • Perge Ancient City
  • Patara Ancient City
  • Olympos Ancient City
  • Xanthos
  • Myra Ancient City
  • Syedra Ancient City
  • You can visit places such as Simena Ancient City.

There are places where you need to call and get information to stay. You can plan your day by visiting these places in the early hours of the morning, and you can benefit from all of them by choosing the ones that are close by. Visiting historical places can make your day better and you wouldn’t say I visited a city like Antalya but I haven’t seen the historical places. We hope that historical buildings can give you some thought to what happened in the past and you can be happy with your location.

What to eat and drink in Antalya?

Like every city, Antalya has its own cuisine, of course. There are so many delicious dishes that you cannot take yourself in this kitchen. Some places are not forgotten as it is also a tourist area for vegetarians. You can also call and get information according to preference. Let’s move on to these dishes.

  • Artichoke Cretan Kebab
  • Hülüklü Soup
  • Cive Meal
  • Gökçesu Rice
  • Arabic Kadayif
  • Hibeş
  • Bean salad
  • Dishes like this stuffed Laba are the famous ones in Antalya.

Of course, you do not have to choose these, of course, we just wanted to make a suggestion. It can be used as information. Antalya dishes are very good, so it may vary depending on whether you eat meat or not, although it is generally thought that the meals are made with meat, some meat dishes also have vegetarian ones. In this respect, Antalya cuisine can be preferred. Moreover, when you want to get information, you can have a question about the kitchen or your curiosity, they can answer you with all sincerity.

What is the climate of Antalya?

If you want to go to Antalya with a suitcase, we recommend that you wear clothes considering the season you will go to that suitcase. Antalya is a city with hot and dry summers and warm and rainy winters. So if you are going to go in the summer, try to get used to the extreme heat as much as possible. It can be a holiday destination, so we think you will not go in winter.

It can be quite rainy, so if you are not a local, it is a feature that you probably will not choose. The summers are quite beautiful Antalya, and the people are very friendly. They can help you, some may even give you food from their own fields if the place you are going is not in the city center. That’s why there are many details that make Antalya beautiful, maybe you want to give it a chance.

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