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Historical Places to Visit in Şanlıurfa

Historical Places to Visit in Şanlıurfa

Historical Places to Visit in Şanlıurfa

Historical Places to Visit in Şanlıurfa. Every corner of Anatolia fascinates with its historical sites. Preservation of historical places and restorations in the best way possible today. Excursions to historical places attract the attention of local people as well as tourists. Historical places are protected with the utmost care. Apart from the historical places of Şanlıurfa, its rich cuisine and local habits and culture are mentioned. Local products of Sanliurfa can be easily accessed in the shops or bazaars around the historical areas. It is recommended to buy local gifts or foods. Şanlıurfa has a very old and very important structure historically. Turkey even has the world’s oldest cultural structure of Sanliurfa ‘historic places to visit in the are of primordial importance by tourists.

Historical Places in Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa is one of our rare cities that can still maintain its very old traditions today. Many traditions continue from their local dishes to their habits.

Places to visit in Şanlıurfa, our powerful city with a lot of historical places;

  • Balikligol
  • The cave where Prophet Abraham was born
  • Mevlid-i Halil mosque
  • Harran houses
  • Roundabout
  • City of Shuayb
  • Halfeti
  • Harran castle
  • Selahattin Eyyubi mosque
  • Urfa castle

It is one of the must-see places with its glorious, lofty and gigantic city like the name Şanlıurfa. There are many historical places to visit in Şanlıurfa with its magnificent architecture, mosques and caves surrounded by a church. Şanlıurfa is known as the city of the prophets. As can be seen from the historical sites, there are many places to explore. It bears traces of centuries ago and various religions.


Balıklıgöl is one of Şanlıurfa’s best known and must-visit places. Balıklıgöl in the center is known as the place where the prophet Abraham was thrown into the fire. There are places to visit around Balıklıgöl place. It attracts attention with the story of Balıklıgöl and the large and impressive environment of the area. It attracts great attention from local and foreign tourists in the historical area. It is liked by tourists with its bazaar with historical products around Balıklıgöl.


Hidden paradise or lost city is one of his known names. Halfeti is used as an old settlement. Halfeti is famous as a lost city that was flooded with the construction of the Bilecik dam. Local people in the settlement have been settled in a new settlement close to there. The flooding of the city and the flooding of the entire settlement attracts the attention of many local and foreign tourists.


Historical places can be considered as works that emerged in ancient times or have been preserved until today. There may be cases such as the unknown places of historical areas coming to the present day and uncovered during excavations. The perspective changes with the discovery of Göbeklitepe.

The stones in Göbeklitepe are enormous. The fact that the building remains intact and intact draws the attention of many people. Examples of some of the stones in Göbeklitepe are also available in Şanlıurfa museum. It has the title as the first temple in the world. How it came to be today and how it is preserved is not known exactly. It is one of the oldest and most important works with many examinations.

Şanlıurfa History

Şanlıurfa is one of the settlements in its very old historical structure. It takes its glorious name with the performance of a group of friends during the war of liberation as a result of wars and changing invasions throughout its history. According to ancient information, Urfa is considered to be the birthplace of the prophet Abraham. It is located in the cave where the prophet Abraham was born and a cave in his memory. Apart from the prophet Abraham, it is accepted as the birthplace of the prophet Job.

Sanliurfa Geography

Şanlıurfa is surrounded by Mardin in the east, Gaziantep in the west and Adıyaman in the north. The most important river of the province is the Euphrates. Other than that through the GAP project artificially created Ataturk Dam Lake is the largest lake in Turkey. It has a land and arid climate. Summers are very dry and winters are very rainy. Şanlıurfa has a poor structure in terms of vegetation. It is gained for production by grafting wild pistachio trees in certain areas over time. Afforestation works are carried out due to erosion prevention works in certain areas. Şanlıurfa is located in areas where investment can be made. With the developing technology and products, investment areas are formed.

As developing areas;

  • Agriculture or agricultural fields
  • food
  • Textile
  • Tourism

Şanlıurfa is among the developing areas in these areas. It is among the reasons for affecting the working area and efficiency and developing technology systems.

Sanliurfa Dishes

Şanlıurfa has a very rich cuisine in food. Restaurants also have the most delicious dishes with the feeling of home cooking. The tables attract the attention of many people with their large variety and variety. Şanlıurfa dishes are mainly kebab varieties. Liver, which is preferred as kebab varieties even in the morning, is among the favorite dishes of the local people.

Meat is consumed predominantly in meals. The open mouth dish is one of the most popular dishes as a result of the wonderful taste with the presence of minced meat in it. All parties in Turkey raw meat is one of the most beloved and popular dishes are lovingly at each meal consumed by the most famous dish. Raw meatballs have different flavor characteristics that emerge as a result of kneading bulgur.

Raw meatballs vary according to preference, with or without meat. The most popular dishes are created with a selection of dishes such as eggplant kebab, grape rice, mumbar stuffed and borani. The most distinctive features of the dishes are the handmade pepper paste and the intense spice taste used in the region. Intensive preparations are organized for the winter with the yields and processes in the summer. Handmade local delicacies attract the attention of both locals and tourists. It is among the products to be bought with its abundant variety and natural structure of its spices.

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