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Houses Made with 3D Printers

Houses Made with 3D Printers

Houses Made with 3D Printers

Houses Made with 3D Printers. Manpower and time are needed when building an apartment or a detached house. However, in the age of technology, situations are made a little easier and faster. The best example of this is 3D printers. 3D printers can produce without the need for a factory or manpower. With the advancement of technology, 3D printers have started to develop more. Its areas of use have expanded from a piece of small furniture to the construction of an apartment and started to be applied. In order to save cost and time in production, some entrepreneurs built houses with 3D printers. As a result, cheap and easily produced houses emerged. 

The houses we mentioned are among the firsts of this sector. Houses produced with 3D printers are increasing day by day in the real estate sector. In this way, low-cost and nature-friendly materials are produced. So, what are the houses produced with 3D printers and how much are their prices?

What is a 3D Printer?

3D printer technology, one of the most used technologies of recent years, is the process of producing solid objects from a digitally drawn three-dimensional file. We can say that 3D printers are the machines that enable the data created on computers to turn into a tangible object. Many things can be produced with these machines. The objects produced can be in a small item or in a building. 
In order to operate with 3D printers, a planning must first be made. The materials to be used, the layers to be made and the project draft to be drawn on the computer should be prepared in advance. After starting the production process, the printer performs the printing process without the need for a user.

3D Printers Manufactured Houses 

Houses produced with 3D houses are preferred by many companies and those who want to own a house because they are produced with low cost and recyclable materials. At the same time, it is a few steps ahead of the houses built with traditional methods in terms of time. With the increasing need for housing in the world day by day, houses produced with 3D printers are becoming more attractive.
The houses mentioned below are the pioneers of the use of 3D printers in home construction in the real estate sector.

24 Hours Built House: ICON / New Story

New Story, a non-profit organization with social enterprise ICON, started to produce houses with 3D printers as a result of their agreement. The houses produced provide a home for families who do not have a home. In this way, the need for a house is met for the homeless or the needy. As a result of their first agreement, they built their first house built with 3D printers. The company, which manufactures an 800 m2 house in 24 hours, has achieved a great success. The cost of these houses, which were produced with 3D printers, cost $ 10,000. However, the company has started working to provide production at a cost even lower than this. The materials used for the houses produced make a great contribution to both the environment and humanity with zero waste. This project, led by New Story with ICON 3D-Printed House, is made with a 3D printer called Vulcan. 

Two-Storey House Autonomously Established in Belgium

With the increase in the use of 3D printers, many entrepreneurs from many countries started to produce houses with these printers. An example of the houses produced is a 200 m2 house printed in Belgium. The two-storey house was built completely autonomously in 15 days and without any builder. The house produced with a 3D printer was printed with a cement printer called BOD2. The house that was produced was prepared in layers and brought to the required position by one person with the help of a computer. The Belgian company is considering marketing by building an office or a house in the long term with its huge printers after the house it produces.

200 Sqm House with 3D Printer in China

Another address in the list of houses produced with 3D printers is a 200 m2 house made in China. This house went into production at a cost of approximately 30 thousand yuan. The house with a length of 32 meters and a height of 6.6 meters was printed and offered for sale with a width of 10 meters. The Chinese company’s ecologically and economically remarkable and preferred home countries and similar productions and initiatives started to increase in many places in the world. 

France, 95 sqm House Printed in 54 Hours

The house, produced and sold in Nantes, France, was printed with an area of ​​95 m2. The house printed with a printer was sold to a French family. For the family who said it was an honor for him, he owned this house at a cost of 233 thousand dollars. The house sold was completed by the French company in 54 hours. The windows and doors of the house, which are printed with a 3D printer in 54 hours, are completed in a separate time within the roof. It took about 4 months for the house to become a fully habitable home. 

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