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How to Save? 40 ways to save money

How to Save? 40 ways to save money

How to Save? 40 ways to save money

How to Save? 40 ways to save money. Everyone wants to know how to save. Because the more you save, the more money you have. But saving means more than just making a grocery list.

The answer to the question of how to save is not limited to the numbers three – five or seven. We can list hundreds of methods here. However, I will share them with you gradually so that you do not get bored with reading. If you want, let’s start by listing the most useful saving ways with main headings and explaining them with relevant subheadings.

How to save on your bills?

Saving tips for credit cards

How to save money on bank transactions?

Ways to save money on the services you receive

How to save money on your purchases?

Ways to save money on your travels

Ways to save money when planning your vacation

Saving on daily activities

How to save money by tracking emails?

Saving ways in cleaning

Ways to save money in our vehicle

How to save money on entertainment expenses?

Save money by planning

Plan your retirement now

Creating passive income by investing with savings

How to Save on Your Bills?

Bills are a big burden for those who cannot make the end of the month. What if I asked you what we didn’t pay 30 years ago, what we paid today? Let me help you with the answer. Thirty years ago, we did not pay for internet, mobile phones, gym memberships, digital broadcasting platforms, special consumption tax and dozens of similar services. Because we didn’t have these services. However, of course, in this list, there are indispensable services in today’s conditions. Nothing works without the internet. Our education progresses online. Cell phone is a blessing.

However, some of them can be canceled and some of them can be restricted. In this way, we can lighten the burden on our back a little.

1- Reduce Your Cell Phone Bill

Everyone wants to have tariffs with unlimited features. However, this leaves us in debt that we cannot handle. By reviewing our invoice summaries for the last 6 months, how many minutes per month. we had a meeting, how many Gb. We can calculate that we use the internet and switch to a suitable tariff accordingly. We can also make operator changes by comparing price / performance between operators.

2- Reduce Your Internet Bill

In internet service, you can switch to quota tariffs instead of unlimited tariffs like telephone service. If you are really consuming too much and the quotas are not enough, you can save at least 120 lira a year by switching to lower rates.

3- How to Save on Electricity Bill?

Electricity is undoubtedly one of the indispensable blessings. However, you can take control of this expense with a few small steps you can make both in order to be environmentalist and to reduce your burden.

By signing an annual contract with your electricity distribution company, you will not be affected by price increases during the year. Remember that even if you turn off your air conditioner during the months when you are not using it, it consumes 8-9 lira per month of power. Disconnect the circuit breaker completely from electricity. Do not turn on your lights unnecessarily, take advantage of daylight in the morning, unplug your phone chargers after they are done. Use LED bulbs and choose lower-value bulbs in your corridors and entrances. Do not operate your dishwashers, washing machines and dryers before they are fully loaded. Do not pre-wash by hand, especially before you put the dishes in the dishwasher.

4- Ways to Save on Water Bills

These days, when it is only a matter of time before we meet Covid and similar viruses, cleaning is actually the last thing we think about in savings. Of course, I will not write an article so that you do not leave the water open for nothing, but you can save more than 1 ton of water per month with 1-2 tips. First of all, when you think that your filters in the mouth of your taps are calcified, replace them with a new one and, if possible, you can make them come with pressure and save money by purchasing plastic nozzles sold in the market. In addition, by switching to the prepaid card system, you will tend to spend less water because you always think that you will run out of water.

5- Saving on Natural Gas Invoice

Most individuals wear t-shirts and shorts in winter in their residences where they use natural gas. Open the combi to the end and get rid of the logic of burning like this. Turn off your combs in rooms you don’t use. You can slightly lower your combination setting by wearing thicker clothes.

Saving Tips for Credit Cards

Credit cards have also become a part of our lives. However, as you know, the disliked son. We keep it with us, but we curses every time we take it out of the wallet. So how can you save money on credit card usage?

6- Choose credit cards without dues

Now, by law, every bank is required to offer a credit card without dues. If you are still one of those who pay annual dues for credit cards, you can examine the non -subscription credit cards I have published before and move on to one of them.

7- Take advantage of the services provided by credit cards

Most credit cards have many services besides the gift money advantage. Such as car parking services, rental car services, locksmith service… Take note of these and get rid of paying extra fees for these services by taking advantage of them at the appropriate time.

8- Whenever possible, pay your card debt at the end of the month.

Using a credit card is easy, but paying off month-end statement debt is a torture. Try to use your credit card for only one industry. For example, just like grocery shopping. And try to pay off all debt at the end of the month. If you can’t do this, be careful to pay twice the worst minimum wage. Otherwise, credit card debt could soon grow like a snowball, causing disaster.

How to Save Money on Bank Transactions?

The banking sector is one of the only sectors that can make a penny account, exploit it without disturbing you, without you noticing. After the Covid epidemic, they widened the mouth of this exploitation hose by making a large change in interest and rates.

9- Prefer Accounts Without Account Management Fee

By agreeing with your bank, you can ensure that no account maintenance fees are charged from your account. Within these agreements, there are options such as automatic payment order or getting your salary from that bank.

10- Try to Perform Your Transactions Online

You can perform most of your routine banking transactions using the mobile application on your mobile phone or the internet banking system. In addition to saving you money, this will also save you time. Personally, I would say it has been a long time since I entered the bank. I only go to sign documents when I need a loan.

11- Prefer Banks That Do Not Charge EFT / Money Transfer Transactions

Again, most banks have at least one free account with online account features. By opening an account from those banks, you can avoid paying expenses in money order / eft or bill payment transactions. At first, there may be little sums in our eyes, but if we think on an annual basis, I am talking about a savings of approximately 150 lira with 2 EFT transactions per month. I will make a list of these banks in the upcoming days and present them to you.

12 – Compare loan rates

If you have to withdraw a loan, do not accept the offer of the first calling bank without making a comparison. Most comparison sites make this easy for you. Check them out. Note that there are also different types of loans. For example, if you are going to buy a car, remember that the interest rate of the car loan is less than the interest rate of the consumer loan.

Ways to Save on the Services You Receive

We make small payments for services that seem small to the eye and need to question whether we really need them or not.

13- save on digital video platforms

Think about how much you need paid video platforms such as Netflix, Digiturk, D-Smart, Blu TV, Exxen. In some homes several of them are present at the same time. At the very least, you can invest a fee of close to a thousand lira a year by considering reducing them or switching to lower packages. Remember, saving starts small.

14- Music and other applications

Are you one of those who can’t do without listening to music like me? I use the Spotify app like most people. Youtube is a must have. However, I prefer free versions of both. Watching 30 seconds commercials after 3-5 music does not bother me much. For Youtube on the phone, I use Youtube Vanced, which has premium application features. By using Adblock extension for Chrome, I prevent advertisements between Youtube videos. With a little research, you can use these features very easily.

How to Save on Shopping?

Shopping is one of the activities that has the largest share in savings. You can make the biggest savings here. Now let’s move on to our subtitles.

15- How to save money in grocery shopping?

Grocery shopping is one of the biggest expenses of our home. I talked in detail about the subtleties of savings on grocery shopping. In this article, I will pass a little more.

  • Before you go grocery shopping, make a list and make sure you stick to it.
  • Pay attention to wholesale shopping.
  • Go shopping in one person if possible.
  • Do not go shopping on an empty stomach.
  • Try to prepare canned foods yourself.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Go shopping once a month, or at least every 15 days.

16- How to save money while shopping for clothes?

  • Check your wardrobe before you go shopping.
  • Decide on the shopping time in advance. Take care to do your winter shopping at the end of the winter and your summer shopping at the end of the summer.
  • If you have a growing child, instead of buying clothes that fit their size, you can make them wear a little more loose clothing for a longer time.
  • Do not buy clothes that you would not wear on a whim.
  • Postpone your shopping if you are on a diet, or on the contrary, when you are starting to gain weight. Since your weight is not stable, the clothes you buy may not fit your body properly.

17- Savings in electronic shopping

Do you need a mobile phone, tablet or computer? You want all of them to have the latest technology, right? So, will you use all the features, or will you not go beyond the part of going to social media, taking pictures occasionally, and playing 3-4 games? Although there is no such thing as a cheap phone in our country, there is a market where we can reduce the price according to the models.

18- Saving When Buying a Mobile Phone

  • When buying a cell phone, consider what it will really serve, your expectations.
  • Isn’t it enough to have a good camera and storage if you’re constantly taking photos?
  • If you are using too many applications at the same time, wouldn’t it work for you to have a high processor?
  • If you are dealing with graphic/design processes, is it not enough to have a large screen size, maybe a pen feature?
  • How important is the latest technology if we decide to buy a phone for parents or their elders? Take a clear photo, hello, isn’t it enough?

19- Saving while purchasing a tablet / computer

Paying for a computer that will meet our needs instead of buying the latest system computer like mobile phones will make us comfortable. In a computer that we will only use to access the internet in the office, there will be no need for a very large processor, too much memory and an external graphics card. Or, for a university student studying lawyer, the gigantic graphics card to be used by an engineer student, a top-level processor will not be required.

Ways to Save Money on Your Travels

Do you travel often for work or another reason? So what are the vehicles you prefer in these travels? Let’s do a little brainstorming.

Make sure to plan your travels in advance as possible. That way, you can be flexible about the day and time. There may be a huge difference between the ticket prices bought a few days in advance and the prices purchased 20 days in advance.

20- Fly on Tuesday and Wednesday

According to a study, Tuesday and Wednesday are the less preferred flight days for people. And tickets are cheaper these days than other days. And if you take care to buy your ticket 21 days in advance on domestic flights, you will have approximately 10 percent more affordable prices.

21- Fly at night or in the morning

Nobody wants to get up from their cozy bed and catch the plane at 4 am. Sometimes doing what nobody wants to do can create huge advantages.

22- Use public transportation to commute to and from work

Everyone wants to have a car. This is not a luxury but a necessity. However, even if you have a car, you can save more than 1000 lira a year by using public transportation to go to your workplace.

  • Public transport is cheap
  • It prevents your vehicle from being worn out
  • It extends the maintenance time of the vehicle even more.
  • It provides fuel savings.
  • Since you will reduce the accident rate, you will receive a cheaper insurance offer for the next year.

23- Benefit from credit card rewards for travel

If you have one of the credit cards that give flight points, you can own a flight ticket with the points you accumulate from your expenses.

24- How to Save Money While Planning Vacation?

You can find the long descriptions of the vacation savings plans that I will write here in the headlines in the article I will write in the coming days. The link will be here.

  • If you are going on holiday by plane, find cheap airline tickets.
  • Travel in the off-season
  • Do not forget that there are places to visit in big cities as well as popular places. Activities such as eating and drinking, shopping will be more appropriate outside the city centers.
  • You can stay in self-catering residences instead of hotels Technology has improved. Lots of people rent out their room, or it’s easier and cheaper to find a rental house with apps like Airbnb.
  • Instead of renting a car, take advantage of the Uber service. There is no ban on Uber in our country. Moreover, it is an even more common service abroad.
  • Use local businesses to buy gifts for loved ones. It will be much more expensive in airport or tourist areas, in-hotel businesses.
  • Consider camping. You will not be tied to one place and you will reduce your accommodation cost to zero.

25- Saving on Daily Activities

  • Take care to have dinner at home
  • Make your coffee yourself instead of drinking it outside.
  • Get rid of brand obsession. Instead of paying a minimum of 25 lira for a coffee in a place like Starbucks, that price is half at a local coffee shop. A one-off getaway may not afford, but keep in mind that just 2 coffees a week will cost you 600 lira a year.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption.
  • Stop smoking.

26- How to save money by tracking e-mails?

Everyone is constantly ignoring the advertisements being sent. While we usually check our e-mails to follow up the business process, we see dozens of advertisements. And we usually delete it without looking. If we give a new e-mail address while subscribing to the sites we shop and love, instead, all of our campaigns will be combined in a single e-mail account. This will prevent incoming e-mails from being deleted before they are read, and will ensure that we are aware of opportunities.

Saving Ways in Cleaning

27- Saving ways in personal cleaning

Of course, I will not advise you to take a bath twice a week. Let’s not forget that our country is in a semi-arid geography. Let’s not waste on water use. Let’s reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Thus, let’s leave a livable country for future generations.

28 Saving ways in house cleaning

Let’s not run the washing – dishwashers before they are fully loaded. Let’s stop washing dishes by hand. Let’s take the cleaning out of the disease state. Let’s be careful not to use more detergent than necessary. If we have leaking taps, let’s fix it. Let’s use a short program on our machines. And let’s choose A energy class machines.

Ways to Save Money in Our Vehicle

29- Insurance – Savings in automobile insurance transactions

Do not depend on a single company for the insurance and automobile insurance transactions of your vehicle routinely every year. There are sites that receive offers from many companies for you and compare the contents of automobile insurance. You can enter them and evaluate the offers. In addition, you can remove the items you do not need in automobile coverage and reduce the price a little. Likewise, you can examine the coverage on life insurance, and ask for more affordable prices by asking to remove items you do not need.

30- Use public transport

By using public transportation in short distances and going to your workplace, you can save fuel and delay the maintenance time of your vehicle.

31- Do not have the vehicle maintenance done at an authorized service.

The vehicle is like a no-good son. Where it stops, it needs constant care and costs. However, although it is a correct move to carry out vehicle maintenance at the authorized service, the prices of the services are unusually high. Therefore, you can have these maintenance done by a mechanic with good workmanship in your area.

32- Do minor repairs yourself

Try to do the most malfunctioning license plate light bulbs, headlights, wiper replacement, fuse replacement by yourself. You can watch detailed videos on Youtube and create your own solution yourself.

33- Do not hinder vehicle maintenance

Failure to maintain your vehicles on time will cause bigger problems in the future. So do not neglect their periodic maintenance. Do not underestimate oil, filter changes.

34- How to save on entertainment expenses?

Nowadays, entertainment is the only activity we deserve. We are in a period when we are overwhelmed by the Covid-19 bans and are getting colder from life. However, we have to be restrained in this too.

  • Organize a home date party with your friends.
  • Go less to places like cafes, patisseries, bistros.
  • If you are a person who consumes alcohol, drink 1-2 glasses of alcohol before going to the nightclub. This will prevent you from overpaying glasses at the nightclub. Moreover, you can start having fun as soon as you enter the club
  • Leave the alcohol consumption to taste.

35- Save by planning

It is an important step in planning for any job. It is the main factor in achieving success. Endless thanks to our teachers who instilled in us the study plan from school age and laid the foundation of this work. Planning is also very important in terms of savings. While the savings you will make in a planned way every day brings you somewhere, the unplanned, missed or smaller savings will not take us one step further. I explained how we can save 5000 TL in a planned manner in 52 weeks. If you want to benefit from this method of accumulation, you can examine my table in pdf format here.

36- Plan your retirement now

We do not know what will happen to us in the coming days. That is why the accumulation should start today, without being late. The easiest way to make visible savings is to activate the state-supported private pension system. With the 25 percent state contribution, you will notice the growth very quickly. Apart from that, you can also examine the pension systems of the banks.

Creating passive income by investing with savings

Now that we have listed our savings steps, it is now in our hands to increase these savings by investing. I’m leaving a few investment advice.

37- Using your savings in time deposits

If your savings are in low amounts, it would not be right to expect a lot of income in the short and medium term. However, our money should not be counted down somehow. For this reason, we can use it in the time deposits of banks, or in their funds that do not fall in negative. It is useful to remind you again. Savings start with small amounts.

38- Investing in gold

Our precious under the pillow mine, which has been the constant investment tool of Turkish people for years, continues to add value to our money every year. If we can read the market a little and turn it into a trading business like buying gold from high and selling low, our money will gain value faster.

39- Stock trading

It is a somewhat risky investment tool. It will be beneficial for us to research the company we will invest in beforehand. However, if we know about it, we can multiply our money much faster than gold in the short term.

40- Real estate investment

When your savings reach certain levels, you may decide to invest in the little land. Soil never wastes you, remember this. You can buy land or field. You can buy and rent housing. You can buy olive groves and rent olives or you can collect them yourself and sell them as olives or oil.

I am aware that this article is long, thank you for reading to the end. If you have anything to add to these types of saving methods, please let’s meet in the comments section. You can be sure that I will answer. Stay healthy.

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