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How Will the New Normal Office Understanding Be?

How Will the New Normal Office Understanding Be?

How Will the New Normal Office Understanding Be?

How Will the New Normal Office Understanding Be? Covid-19’s perspective towards the offices after the pandemic that affected the world has changed a little more! Now, in the new office layouts, people sit more distant and the working areas with other people are defined with boundaries.

So, what exactly will the new normal be in the offices, how will the new offices be in the changing world, how will the understanding of work change?

1. Interpersonal Social Distance and Office Square Meters Will Increase

In the new normal office layouts, office designs will start to change as the distances of team members increase! Companies will need more space for the distance between individuals. Until the full solution to Covid-19 as medicine and science was found, companies started to create a new order according to social distance rules.

As Plaza Cubes, we have taken measures to preserve social distance in this process, and we have adapted to the new normalization process in this way. Our plazas, from elevators to meeting rooms, have been designed according to this order!

2. Office Hygiene Rules Are Stricter Now

The issue of cleaning becomes a more sensitive and important issue in offices, which are tried to be kept clean at regular intervals in the old order. Ventilation and filter, disinfection stations at the entrance, waste bins and many more measures will take place much more in the new normalization order. We’re already getting used to them!
It makes systems such as air filtration and air conditioning even more important in office spaces where more people are using. Even if we start to leave Covid-19 behind, we think that such measures will continue in the new order in offices.

3. The Domination of the Flexible Work Model in the World

During the pandemic, many companies switched to a flexible, homeoffice working model! In this model, employees continued to work in the comfort of home. The process that started with necessity at the beginning causes a new digital transformation nowadays.

The future of office culture continues with the virtual office where you are active in digital fields and your business is completely professional in real offices. While you are in a flexible working model, the routines in your workflow such as cargo, mail, and phone in the office were professionally managed by Plaza Cubes.

Of course, we want to come to our offices in the new normalization process. We will be able to manage our team spirit and work flows much better with measures and changes in the new process. In this process, we will start to experience working by paying attention to the distances!

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