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Is Your Child’s Illness Allergy or Covid-19?

Is Your Child’s Illness Allergy or Covid-19?

Is Your Child's Illness Allergy or Covid-19?

Is Your Child’s Illness Allergy or Covid-19? Recently, runny nose and nasal congestion in children cause families to fear coronavirus. Sarıçoban drew attention to the differences between the two diseases.

Covid-19, whose symptoms are similar to flu in winter, is now confused with allergies. Frequent runny nose and congestion in children causes families to worry about ‘Covid-19?

Child Health and Diseases / Child Allergy-Immunology Specialist Prof. Dr. Hülya Ercan Sarıçoban listed the differences between the two diseases as follows:


Covid-19 has different features in common with allergies. First of all, Covid-19 may have a high fever, not allergies. This is the most important differential diagnosis part. In Covid-19, there may be a very serious sore throat, burning, throat burning and pain in allergies are not an expected symptom. Transparent runny nose is seen in allergies, Covid-19 usually does not have a runny nose. However, recently, patients presenting with only nasal obstruction due to different variants may also be seen. Most importantly, patients with Covid-19 experience severe muscle pain, weakness and fatigue. There is no serious muscle pain in allergies. Covid-19 can also be seen in children with symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Diarrhea and vomiting are not expected for children with respiratory allergies. These are the most important distinguishing features of Covid-19 and allergies.


In allergic rhinitis, it is preferred to clean the nose with saline and, if necessary, to use allergy medications in the form of nasal sprays. Oral sprays are also recommended for asthma patients. Antihistamines are used only for allergic rhinitis or eye fever, they do not have a curative feature for asthma.


The days we are in are pollen season, especially when meadow pollen is released in abundance. Meadow pollen is released very intensely from morning to noon. For this reason, the windows should not be opened until noon after waking up in the morning. The masks we use for Covid-19 when we go out are an advantage as they prevent pollen from entering our nose. At the same time, wearing visor hats prevents pollen from hitting the eyes and face. When entering the house, we recommend that the clothes be removed, the children at least wash their hands and face, and take a warm shower. Again, in this period, we can recommend that they do not go to picnic areas with newly mown or planted grass, meadows and playgrounds. If these measures are not enough, we want families to contact their doctors. We especially recommend it with saline.

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