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Israeli Response from Erdogan to Biden

Israeli Response from Erdogan to Biden

Israeli Response from Erdogan to Biden

Israeli Response from Erdogan to Biden. Reacting sharply to the US President Biden’s approval for the sale of weapons to Israel, President Erdoğan said, “Now, you are writing a history with your bloody hands with this incident, in which the Gaza was attacked seriously and disproportionately.” Erdogan also used the expression “I would wire the Austrian state that raised the Israeli flag to the Prime Ministry building.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reacted strongly to the approval of the Joe Biden administration’s 735 million dollar sale of arms to Israel in the USA.


Making a statement after the cabinet meeting, Erdoğan said:

* We lived in the bitterness of the bitter news from Jerusalem and Palestine. Unfortunately, you can witness someone’s approach to “what from Jerusalem to us”.

* Hz. Hz. Until Solomon, the place where the Messenger of Allah went to Mirac is in Masjid al-Aqsa. Hz. When Omar conquered Jerusalem, he did not touch Christians.

* The current physical image of Jerusalem is the work of the Ottoman sultans. For centuries, our ancestors tried to protect the blessed place and to keep people from all religions there in peace. The Ottomans had difficulty in meeting the attacks on Gaza and Jerusalem in 1917.

* The Ottoman army, which undertook the first two attacks on Gaza, had to withdraw as a result of the third attack due to the enemy’s number of soldiers, which increased to 110 thousand with reinforcements. The aftershock left to protect it from December 9, 1917 was from the unit.

* Iğdırlı Hasan corporal has not left the Mescid-i Aqsa since that day. Today we saw Biden’s signature on a serious Israeli weapon approval. We see that it is very important 850 thousand gun approvals. When Lafa comes, they talk about disarmament.

* Mr. Biden, you took sides with the Armenians in the so-called Armenian genocide. Now, you are writing a history in your bloody hands in this incident, which attacked Gaza with a seriously disproportionate attack and caused the martyrdom of hundreds of thousands of people. You compelled to tell us that. We cannot and will not stop any longer on these issues.


* We are continuing our altogether 84 million Jerusalem watch, and we will continue it. Palestinian lands are also being washed with blood and cruelty. You also support this.

* Whatever happens, our duty is to stand by the oppressed and observe his rights and laws. Israel continued its attacks in defiance of UN resolutions, increasing the pain in the region.

* We have always been with the Palestinian people against the intified Israeli attacks, and we will continue to be. The state of Israel, with no clear boundaries, turned into a terrorist device in the hands of those who considered committing crimes against humanity. They have taken it forward so much that they do not hesitate to kill even their prime minister.

* A Jewish prime minister told me so. “When I was killing Palestinians in my general office, he gave me the greatest pleasure.” During his visit to Turkey, this person was telling the President of the Republic of Turkey. These have already come from terror. They all grew up in terror. Same as now.

* Israel’s attacks on Gaza and Palestine have not been replied in international aid. Israel has once again demonstrated its unlawfulness here. These are murderous enough to kill 5-year-old 6-year-old babies. Killer enough to make women crawl on the ground. Killer enough to make women crawl on the ground. Unfortunately, those who are fed from the same water also support them.


* On the one hand, they demolish the building with media groups that reach the privacy of Jerusalem, this terror state is Israel.

* You are using disproportionate power. You drop bombs on Gaza together with your warplanes. Does Gaza have warplanes? No. Who are you deceiving?

* Those who are not interested in the death of Palestinian children by bombs show that Israeli children are scared by the sirens. Those who turn their backs on the tragedy in Palestine actually sow the seeds of what will happen to them tomorrow.

* I am calling out to Europe right now, I am reminding them of something: I call on the Austrian state that raised the Israeli flag to the Prime Ministry building. Raising the flag of a terrorist state to such an official authority means living a life projected by terrorism. The Austrian state probably wants to leave the bills of the Jews they subjected to genocide to the Muslims.

* Likewise, in other countries that support Israel’s actions in Jerusalem and Gaza, they will be remembered with the blackness of this crime they committed against humanity and history by participating in the sins of child murderers.

* Turkey states that it is in favor of a two-state fair solution in Palestine, just like in Cyprus. We will endeavor on every platform to establish a Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem.

* We think that there is a need for a separate regulation on Jerusalem from now on. For Jerusalem to attain lasting peace and tranquility, everyone must make sacrifices.

* I shared this feeling in my meeting with Pope Francis. We make the following proposal: The administration of Jerusalem by representatives of the three religions will be the most consistent way in today’s conditions. Otherwise, it does not seem easy to make peace in this ancient city.

* The attacks of the Jews on the Masjid al-Aqsa create a bomb effect. The fastest way to prevent this threat is to gain a new management status as we propose.

* We call on the UNSC, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and all other international organizations to take action. We hereby express once again that we will give all kinds of support in the international steps to be taken to protect the Palestinian people from attacks.

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