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Life-Saving Applications for Entrepreneurs

Life-Saving Applications for Entrepreneurs

Life-Saving Applications for Entrepreneurs

Life-Saving Applications for Entrepreneurs. It is certain that technology offers many conveniences both in our business and private lives. But it also increases the workload that falls on us. While the practices that change the way things are done and follow up allow us to cope with more jobs, we found ourselves running between different subjects while dealing with more than one job at the same time. Here are 5 different applications that can be your right hand in your business life that allow you to use time and space efficiently, to work from anywhere, to work in a team.

1.   Evernote

With Evernote, which is both a web and mobile application, you can access all your information anytime, anywhere, track your personal or business expenses, set reminders, and turn your notes into presentations. The more “notebooks” or notebooks you create in Evernote (think of them as folders on your computer), the more efficient you can use. You can make your job easier by collecting similar information under a single “notebook”. By using tags, you can easily reach what you are looking for later. Take notes at the meeting, mark websites for another topic that catches your attention while researching a topic on the internet, file your invoices… With Evernote, it is possible to do whatever you want to file. You just need to know what you want to do. Another useful feature of Evernote is that it allows you to share your notebooks on social networks or with anyone you want. So it is a great convenience for group work. You can try the free application and then upgrade your account according to your needs. Moreover, you can synchronize all your downloaded devices with Evernote, so you can access the final files everywhere, no matter where you work.

2.   Letterspace

Things to do… Some are personal and some are about work. Not if you do one and leave the other. Little notebooks, it is easy to get lost in agendas. With Letterspace, you can follow all your business related to your private or professional life in one place. Simple and useful!

  • You can group your notes using #hashtag or @mention, then you can easily access them.
  • With iCloud, you can synchronize all your devices.
  • No matter how long your to-do list is, you can easily follow it and mark what you’ve completed.

Letterspace, your secretary in your pocket…


You say “hi, what’s up?” “Who was that?” If you are one of those trying to remember, I recommend you watch the video below first.

After watching the video, we think there is no need to say much. Download the Humin app on your mobile and let all the “contacts” truly “personify” for you. Who, where, when did you meet, what is he doing? You don’t have to worry about that anymore. Do not worry about the unfinished job interviews that you say I should try my luck again in the future. Humin records everything for you, consolidating your contacts, calls and voicemails in one application. By looking at your frequency of use, it can predict the people who are most important to you and the people you can contact at certain times. You have the chance to record your phone number, e-mail address, where and how you met when you first registered. With a person whose number you have just registered, you can even see your mutual friends. The person you are having a new job interview with may be a close friend of a very close friend. And you can find out right away. Not bad, right?

4. Listen

An application that you can change the day of the callers. We may have exaggerated a little, but at least you can make them smile. Instead of listening to that phone ringtone, they can enjoy a music of your choice. You can say that you can do this without downloading the application, but the Listen application even has an automatic reply option for both SMS and calls. Moreover, you can personalize these notes. As if this is not enough, you can also integrate these messages with the meeting dates recorded in your calendar and your location. The video below is just an introduction to Listen… It’s up to you to use its other features.

5. Workflow

If you cannot plan your time, things will not be enough and after a while, it will become distorted. You can even lose customers without realizing what is happening. Managing your workflow is the first step required to manage your time. With Workflow, you can literally get the job done with just one “click” by creating “buttons” (we prefer to call it a shortcut). After defining your regular workflows to this application, all you have to do is press the relevant button. For example, you take photos and send them in “gif” format to a certain person. What more could we ask for!

After creating the workflow like in the picture, you do not deal with each individual photo. When you press the relevant button, the workflow you have created for the photos you take is applied. You can use it compatible with many different applications. What “buttons” you create depends entirely on your “workflow creation” skills and needs.

If you are a small entrepreneur and you do not have resources other than yourself, technological supports such as the above will give you a great advantage in terms of labor, time and investment. Best of all, what kind of technological facilities do you have?

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