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Low Budget Business Ideas 2021

Low Budget Business Ideas 2021

Low Budget Business Ideas 2021

Low Budget Business Ideas 2021. Entrepreneurship is one of the riskiest, enjoyable, and profitable investment tools in the world. But for a business, start-up costs can be daunting. That’s why not everyone can be an entrepreneur.

First of all , by clicking here , you can review the marketing ideas you need to do after starting a low-budget venture.

It is unquestionable that it is necessary to spend money to make money in the marketing industry. However, if you have a low budget, you should proceed slowly and surely, and know how to be patient. I have listed low budget business ideas for you below.

Domain name trading

It is among the lowest budget business ideas. There is no limit to online commerce. One of them is domain name trading. If your imagination is wide, you can make money with this method. If you have a good domain name in mind, you can buy it at a cost ranging from 30-50 lira per year and wait. You can post advertisements on websites for this purchase and sale.

The most important issue when determining the domain name is that the name is catchy, short and attracting the user.

Apart from this, other issues to be considered; The domain extension is .com, it can contain keywords, it is a single word and a name that does not exceed 2-3 syllables if possible, it includes words with high monthly search traffic through Google. If you are going to buy a domain name that was taken before and then wasted, the high PageRank value is also an impressive factor. To give an example, last year the domain name found buyers for 1.2 million dollars .

Opening a catering company

The idea of ​​opening a catering company is among the low-budget business ideas that have always been in high demand. However, instead of making and selling every meal as before, it is important that you appeal to a specific food group and specialize in that subject.

For example, lunch or brunch type, special aperitif meals for wedding receptions, cocktail style food types.

First of all, you should prepare a menu for these and first of all, you and your environment should taste the product you will sell. Accordingly, you will have the chance to play with the material settings at dinner.

Wedding photography

With the advancement of technology in recent years, standard wedding photography has become obsolete. The companies that advanced with the old head went down one by one. Instead, talented young people, mostly young and middle-aged, benefited from the blessings of technology.

The studio photography business is a thing of the past. It no longer appeals to people. In the past, there was no need to even make an appointment with the photographer. We would go with a wedding dress and a groom and take a few poses, my brother. It is now necessary to make an appointment months in advance.

Especially the short films produced by the combination of video recordings made with drone devices and programs such as Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas are worth seeing. Although the start-up costs may seem a bit high (especially equipment), you can also start your business by renting them. A decent camera, 2-3 kinds of lenses, tripods, drones, etc. If you try to buy them from scratch, you have to sacrifice 100 thousand liras with the cost of the workplace.

Second hand electronic goods trade

The important thing in second-hand electronic goods trade is that you understand the device you buy more or less and know its market. Instead of thinking about buying and selling all kinds of devices, you can turn to a specific industry. Such as white goods, telephones, computers, cameras.

What you need to be aware of in this business is the possibility of the product being stolen, especially on computers and mobile phones. In such a case, to protect yourself, you need to sign the invoice of the device, the photocopy of the ID and the contract you will prepare by the lawyer, if any, from the person you bought. Still, if the device you bought turns out to be stolen, you may need to testify in the courthouse corridors for a while.

Apart from these, the logic is to buy the device at an affordable price, to fix the defect if there is any, to clean the inside out and put it on the showcase. The rest is the customer waiting. The reason it is among the low budget business ideas is that you can buy as many devices as your money. There is no rule that I will fill the shop at first.

Bat manure sale

Bat manure is an indispensable source for those who want to do organic agriculture lately. It is preferred because of its low salt content compared to normal fertilizers and high insect organisms. It is also odorless. In addition to not damaging the soil, it does not burn products. It increases the resistance of the plant. It is produced in caves approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is sold in liquid, solid and granular form by packaging method.

Doing an organic egg business

It would be profitable to do this work locally at first, in local markets around you. Both your investment cost will be low and you will get to know the market. If there is no demand for the product in your region, it will not be helpful to do it anyway. You can start by examining a few companies.

When you think that you will be selling in local markets, you will not need too much chicken at first. For 20 dozen eggs a week, 35-40 chickens will be enough for a starter. Then, a small cleaning and packaging facility is a must according to the latest laws. In order to increase the productivity of chickens, you must ensure the seasonal conditions, research chicken breeds, and keep the productive ones in your hands. You can also benefit from KOSGEB support for this job.

Starting a social media advertising agency business

In fact, it is a business idea with the largest area, while providing the highest profit. The power of social media cannot be underestimated. And now it has become the most effective and cheapest ad type. Brochures, flyers, billboards, outdoor advertising, etc… considering their costs and customer accessibility, social media advertising has an even more customer potential.

Another reason that makes this work so important is that it offers the relevant product or service to the customer with pinpoint accuracy. So you’re going to buy a diaper and show it to an 80-year-old man or a 15-year-old boy. You can reduce your costs by filtering them through the advertisement.

The first sites that come to mind when talking about social media advertising are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, and Youtube. I will discuss this issue separately in another article.

Establishing an organization company

Setting up a serious organization firm is a business idea where you can earn high returns in the low run. You can appeal to many areas such as parties, wedding organizations, political organizations, cocktails, individual organizations, fair organizations. Here again, my advice would be to focus on a specific area.

When you want to address all areas, you need to have a large number of technical staff and increase the number of materials you will use during the organization. You will need a small office and storage space to get started. You don’t have to design your office in an exaggerated way. Because you will usually need to be on the field. You may have to fund your first few businesses yourself. Because at events like weddings, you can usually only get a deposit initially. You will receive the remaining payment at the end of the job. Since these kinds of activities are more frequent in the summer, it will be easier for you to earn money this season. It is a job that requires both imagination and body power.

Opening a shopping mall stand

It is a business idea where there is a lot of human circulation and you can make your turnover peak on weekends. People see this business as a peddler, but it is a much different and burdensome business idea. If you find the right product in the right location, it is almost impossible not to make money. Let’s talk about what you need to do in this business idea.

You need to find a suitable shopping mall and make a 1-year contract. If you are going to buy a franchise, you have to pay for it and meet the terms of a brand. You have to be a taxpayer like opening a normal business. You should pay attention to a large stock and product variety. Do not try to put a product of 1000 lira in a stand. People spend this money in the store, but for a stand, if you haven’t gotten a strong dealership, the price of this product will be too much. If you act smart, you can earn enough money to guarantee your future.

Car wash business

Car wash is a business idea that you can see around every corner in recent years. However, it still continues to make money. The important factor here is to be able to isolate yourself from others and to make differences. With the right location and a smart plan, it will always do business. The cost of opening a standard workplace is around 30-35 thousand TL. However, as I said, you will need to make changes to increase your customer potential. To give a few examples; Changes such as a waiting room, a small cafe, free wireless internet, console games, address service will make you noticed. If your place is available, you may consider including vehicles such as trucks and buses. Physically it is a tiring job. Remember that you should also work, especially on holidays.

Carpet cleaning

Among other low-budget business ideas, it is an industry that is always in demand as long as you do your job properly. It is necessary to follow the technology and choose the right location here as in every business. It is a sector that is directly related to its peers, friends and environment. You won’t have a shortage of new customers.

Cleaning company

It doesn’t cost much to start a cleaning business. It will leave you high profits unless you see it as other people’s dirty business. As long as you do all the cleaning yourself in the first stage, you will save on extra personnel costs. You can get help with you after deducting your own cost. When you develop your business, you can switch from house cleaning to commercial cleaning and buy new powerful equipment. At first, you go to work with a small car, and as you improve yourself, you can carry all your industrial equipment with a minibus. It is physically tiring and customers need to trust you. When appropriate, you will need to clean while they are not at home. In this sense, it will be useful to carry a criminal record with you and find a reference from your environment.

Current website purchase business

If you have a good relationship with the Internet and have some coding knowledge, you can buy and continue a website that is already functioning with high pagerank value and has started to generate revenue. You can think of it as a kind of franchise. The brand is ready, the customer is ready, you will just strive to develop and maintain it. Note that although it varies according to the sector, such a job cannot be managed by spending 1-2 hours a day. Most of the people who take internet business seriously have to quit their jobs and spend all their time on it. The only comfortable part of this job is the ability to work from anywhere. Apart from that, they have to sacrifice much more time than normal 9-5 employees. In fact, it will be a little difficult to think of working for one person on a medium-sized business or news site.

When purchasing a website, you should meet with the seller face to face, if possible, and ask for support for a certain period of time after the sale. In addition, how old the site is, what this name was used for in the past, the last 1 year activity, competition situation, SEO status, income sources and complaints should be taken into consideration.

Antique renovation work

It is a profitable business model that you can enjoy and work from home and part time. It is the job of taking old antiques and making them ready for use again by cleaning and cleaning them. As it is not an average service fee, you can determine your price yourself. Remember that antique products are unique and higher quality products. You can also identify a niche for yourself in antiques. Antique furniture, antique electronics or antique cars? The choice is up to your expertise.

Doing a mushroom growing business

In this article, I will not talk about cultivated mushrooms. Although the cultivated mushroom is in great demand, it will not leave much profit as it has so many producers and sellers. Instead, I’ll talk about the rarer oyster mushrooms. Oyster mushroom cultivation has been very popular lately because it is a simple business idea that can make a profit within weeks as long as you find a supplier. An investment of maximum 8 thousand TL in an area of ​​50 m2 will be sufficient. If you can get a good yield, you can make a profit close to the money you invested in 10 weeks. It should be grown in a shady area with access to water. It requires experience.

Provide shipping service

Transportation service, which is among the low budget business ideas, is a very competitive sector. You need to constantly improve and renew yourself and stand out from your other competitors. Decide initially what shipping service you will offer and your geographic area. Is it domestic transportation, home-to-house transportation, raw material transportation to meet the needs of factories… Assuming that the most competition is home-to-house transportation and that you will do this job, there are some points you should pay attention to.

First of all, you should choose your team well. These things do not work by doing daily work from coffee. Bringing people who cannot speak 2 words face to face with your customer is a move you should not do. The staff you will employ should work with you as full time as possible. Their criminal records must be clear. It is very important that you provide disassembled and assembled service. If a wardrobe is to be moved, it must be disassembled before moving and reassembled after it is put in its new place. In addition, all items transported should be wrapped in bubble bags, newspaper and stretch films against breakage. You have to show how meticulously you work in your customer’s eyes so that it can be a reference for you. Remember that it is a very tiring job physically.

Homemade chocolate business

Don’t take this title as a home chocolate making business. I am not writing this here as an additional business opportunity. It is discussed how reliable the fabricated products are in terms of hygiene and the materials used. And the desired cocoa ratio may not suit all tastes. Here, what you need to do is to listen to your customers’ demands and provide them with suitable products. At first you will need mold, mixer and raw material. You will also need an extra closet. You can promote your products at fairs and supply holiday gifts offered by many corporate companies to their staff.

Setting up a game and activity center business for children

It is a business idea that emerges as a result of both spouses working, not being able to spend much time with their children, not being able to play as they used to on the streets, and staying away from the social environment. It is a medium capital investment plan. It is especially popular in big cities. If the location is chosen correctly, it aims to help children play and education hourly, together with trainers or parents. It can be seen as preschool education. If you want to get dealership, you can find many companies. You have to find trained and experienced staff. If you love kids, a fun job will bring you a profit.

Doing e-commerce

Although e-commerce has reached very good levels around the world, it is still in its infancy for our country and there is a long way to go. Big companies are already waiting for the time to take baby steps and this industry will accelerate. Many people reserve their names years ago and wait in ambush, or collect visitors to increase their pagerank value, and work on name awareness. Even in this situation, it is a sector with very high competition.

Everyone can count maybe 10 companies in our country. As such, you have to stand out from among them in a way, but if you say I should stand up to these companies, you need to allocate only an advertising budget of millions of liras. So what can you do instead?

First of all, you need to find your niche that will appeal to a certain segment. Which category, which segment will you serve? You have to narrow your space considerably. In this regard, you should now work on your imagination and the sector in which you are competent. Then you will find the best ways to advertise. You will start studies for your site to get the best ranking. The more money you spend on this issue, the better for your site name and brand. It is an endless investment.

Whatever your job is, you need to be talented in a particular field, have a good hand, or be very interested in the sector you will be doing. Do not attempt anything without your knowledge. Be sure to do your apprenticeship, even for a short time. Absolutely and absolutely do not neglect social media ads. Make a special website for your business. Document every work you do and add it to your portfolio as a reference. I wish you good profits.

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