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Modern Meeting Rooms for Your Important Meetings

Modern Meeting Rooms for Your Important Meetings

Modern Meeting Rooms for Your Important Meetings

Modern Meeting Rooms for Your Important Meetings. One of the most important events of business life is meetings. Be it your own business or the work of the company you work for It is very important to have an efficient meeting where you discuss and evaluate the business stages and take all important decisions as a result. Therefore, the spaces where you make these decisions have to be more than just a simple meeting room, but more than a simple room. In today’s competitive conditions, gaining prestige and as a result of this, increasing business efficiency by signing successful works is considered as a great success. Have you ever thought about what you need for this success? Let’s start with one of them …

Why Do You Need Daily Meeting Room Rental Service?

You may be working for a large company and have humble meeting rooms to use as needed. However, your meeting room may not be large enough for crowded groups, especially the training and seminars you organize for your company’s employees.

So let’s think it all smaller. You have a small company. You do not have a meeting room or have the comfort and technological facilities to host an important customer.

Or you don’t own a company yet. However, it is taking very important steps towards its establishment and the only thing you need in the negotiations for these steps is a meeting room.

This and dozens of other scenarios can be created. As a result, the point we have reached is that what will meet the needs in every scenario is a modern, comfortable meeting room at an important point in the city.

Modern Meeting Rooms for Your Important Meetings

Increase Your Working Efficiency and Business Prestige with Modern, Comfortable Meeting Rooms at Plaza Cubes 12 Locations!

I guess somebody mentioned Plaza Cubes. Then let’s introduce ourselves briefly. As Plaza Cubes, we are located in central areas that you can easily reach with our meeting halls in 12 locations in Ankara, Düsseldorf, Istanbul, and Izmir. All of our offices are within walking distance of the metro and bus stops, and you can hold your meetings at the closest place to you. Our meeting halls for 10-20 people and our training-seminar halls for 50 people are decorated in a way that meets modern and need-oriented technological requirements. You can rent our meeting rooms on an hourly, daily, and monthly basis, you can host your customers in the best way and have an efficient meeting.

Advantages of Renting a Plaza Cubes Meeting Room

Everything necessary for your presentations, interviews and job interviews gathered in a meeting room! Determine the time you need, decide where you will hold the meeting, do the rest with a single click… Here are the advantages of the meeting room rental service:

  • In Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, in Germany our offices located in Düsseldorf meeting rooms for the business world in which they found to be the most prestigious locations in the ranks one of the most important advantages.
  • You determine the duration of our meeting room rental service. Within the scope of your needs, you can rent for daily, weekly periods and for different numbers of people.
  • All of the offices belonging to Plaza Cubes are located in the most convenient locations in terms of transportation by public transportation, especially the metro, and you can easily reach them when you want to reach with your own private vehicle and parking lot etc. You can also take advantage of the opportunities. The proximity of our offices to public transportation vehicles provides a great advantage to the participants, especially in terms of catching up to the meetings that take place during rush hour traffic.
  • From the moment you come to our office, your visitors and you are welcomed by our friendly staff, and you are provided with all the support you need from the first to the last moment of your meeting.
  • Plaza Cubes offices give you and your guests the opportunity to meet in the most prestigious area of ​​your city. Our guests, who come to our office before the meeting, are hosted in our lounge areas, each of which is dazzling with its design, and can benefit from treats.
  • Our meeting rooms, which have all the technical equipment you need, are organized before you arrive, according to the number of people you have previously specified.
  • Projection, LCD screen, Flipchart, Whiteboard, Sound system and microphone etc. which are necessary for you during the meeting. The necessary setup and control of all equipment is provided by Plaza Cubes’ professional IT support team, which is available in-house.
  • Special meeting rooms can be planned for companies that need larger spaces for large company organizations, training and seminars.
  • Our priority is your satisfaction. For this reason, we offer you a comfortable environment by equipping all our meeting rooms with first class furniture.
  • Thanks to the high-speed internet service we offer for free, you can perform all your online transactions without any problems, including video conference access.

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