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Necessary to Return to Final Turkey

Necessary to Return to Final Turkey

Necessary to Return to Final Turkey

Necessary to Return to Final Turkey. Turkey’s definite turn to perform is one of the dreams of many people over the years has established away from the rest. When this is the case, plans and programs are moving in this direction.

Definite return is of great importance for citizens who grew up abroad or lived there for years.

Factors such as labor migration, brain drain or the inability to create sufficient social opportunities increase the population of Turkish citizens abroad day by day.

Such migrations, which have pros and cons, often result in the idea of ​​a “definitive return” when the current significance wears off.

So, what actions should people who want to make a definite return take? Although the operations to be done seem complicated, they are actually simple. We can examine this issue under the headings of residence rights and social insurances.

Social Insurance

The first question that comes to mind when talking about social insurances is “how to act” in relation to pension insurance. The exact date of the return until the underlying premiums, you have to SSI transferred directly to Turkey and then collectively as the underlying binding until the date the premium pension or the right to demand that you be returned. In the collective refund option, the premiums are first transferred to SSI upon application.

Required Transactions to Benefit from Refunds

In order to benefit from the premium refund, you must fulfill a number of conditions. These will help you avoid future problems.

These conditions can be listed under the following headings;

  • This application is only valid for people with Turkish citizenship. People with dual citizenship cannot benefit from this right.
  • You should not have received any financial or moral service from the pension institution until the time of return. If you have received any service, you can only withdraw funds after that date.

Another important condition is the waiting period of two years. This time you have to work both in the foreign countries in the envelope as insured in Turkey. Turkey asks whether you can work in foreign countries for this. After the two-year waiting period is over, you can apply for a refund of your premiums.

Application Process

When applying, you will be asked for a document stating that you have declared your residence under the name of “Abmeldebescheinigung”. Absolute return operations to Turkey this process to accelerate and to save time is recommended that you directly with SSI. In this step, you have to leave the country and get an “entry seal” on the passport.

In this step, it is not questioned through the app whether your residence in Germany is still officially valid. Another critical point is that you do not have any debt at the exact time of return. This is important so that the lump sum is not confiscated.

Even if it is exciting to make a definitive return, when it is official, it can become a tiring and lengthy process. For this reason, taking every step consciously and on time will speed up your work. It also reduces the rate of encountering potential problems.

Residence permit

Another important point regarding the exact return is the residence permit. According to the relevant articles of the German residence and foreigners law; Turkish citizens, who have been living in Germany for 15 years and have a permanent residence permit, can officially live abroad for more than six months without terminating their right of residence.

Those who have the right to stay indefinitely in spite of the possibility of returning later regret before they officially put the return into practice, can take advantage of this right and try to live and settle abroad for a short time.

The rights of those with an indefinite residence permit are reserved.

Citizens who have a permanent residence permit and have been living in Germany for more than 15 years will have their rights in Germany reserved. In order to encounter bureaucratic obstacles before making any definite return to Turkey, “I want my rights here to stay hidden in the” foreign attached document you have your benefits in the form of taking the apartment.

Those who do not have an indefinite residence permit lose their right of residence in accordance with the foreigners law, if they return permanently. Although the exact return process may seem like a complex and challenging process, it is a situation that progresses depending on each other and can be easily resolved. Starting this business by clarifying your decision will give you a definite return.

Making a Definite Return from Germany

Germany ranks first among European countries in terms of the number of Turkish immigrants it shelters. For this reason, the issues of immigration to Germany and returning from Germany are frequently researched. To Germany; labor migration, brain drain, or has rights, then return to Turkey of Turkish citizens who migrate due to other social conditions.

In order to return to the country again, some procedures must be completed. social insurance and residence permits of those who wish to return from Germany to Turkey must make transactions.

Factors Affecting the Decision of Final Return

There are some factors that affect citizens who were born and raised abroad or who have been living there for years.

These can be listed as follows;

  • Conditions in the country changing positively,
  • Immigrant citizens think that they are needed in the country,
  • Negative changes that make staying in Germany a difficult process,
  • Not meeting what is expected of him,
  • Longing for culture and customs,
  • Wanting to innovate.

Studies on citizens who have made a definite return have revealed that these titles are very effective in deciding on their return.

Can Insurance Premium Deposited to Germany Be Taken After Final Return?

There are two different ways that citizens who will return to the country from Germany can follow their social insurance. One of them is the transfer of insurance premiums to SSI in Turkey.

The other is collective collection of insurance premiums deposited within the borders of Germany. In the process of receiving the premiums deposited in the time spent in Germany, citizens are expected to comply with different criteria. In this regard, only Turkish citizens can collect insurance premiums collectively.

Those who have dual citizenship do not have the right to have their insurance premiums refunded. At the same time, these people must wait 2 years after returning to the country.

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