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New Business Ideas for 2021

New Business Ideas for 2021

New Business Ideas for 2021

New Business Ideas for 2021. Do you want to put everything aside and start a new business this year? Or do you need additional income? Perhaps you want to have your freedom with a freelance job. Whatever your plan is, don’t make a decision without seeing the new business ideas we have prepared for you in 2021.

The future is here! Human beings are in a learning age where almost anything can be done with a technological product and try new things every day. Perhaps in the near future, we will witness how inventions that seem impossible to us turn into a part of our daily lives and that we will carry all the information we have with our fingerprints. In a world where everything is dominated by technology, the business world is affected by developments as much as social life. The need for muscle power and manual skills is decreasing day by day with robotic arms, transport and production lines, and many other technological products. Sectors that did not exist 20 years ago are transforming into sectors in which the most qualified employees aspire to be a part, and entrepreneurs have whetted their appetite from the market share. Its popularity will increase in 2021 with the changing and developing world trends. new business ideas in our article.

New Business Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs for 2021

Are you ready to step into the risky yet magical world of entrepreneurship? Introducing the brave heroes of the economy, profitable, practical, alternative new business ideas for entrepreneurs.

Wellness Club

Recently, the awareness about healthy living has increased more than ever. It is predicted that the popularity of healthy living and healthy eating, which are among the most popular topics of 2020, will continue to increase rapidly in 2021. You can go beyond ordinary gyms and wellness clubs to meet the needs of every customer, offer them a beautiful and comfortable environment, and find service items that will make a difference. The wellness club will provide a good network opportunity as well as being a profitable investment for you.

Pet Hotel

Think of such a business that you are surrounded by cute cats and dogs in a green area. Demand for pet hotels, the rising trend of recent years, is expected to continue to increase rapidly in 2021. Although a reliable and comfortable pet hotel is the need of all pet owners, you can make a difference in the sector and have a successful and enjoyable job with services such as pet hairdresser, cat/dog training, spacious and comfortable accommodation areas, healthy food. It is also useful to take a look at the issues you should pay attention to before opening a pet hotel.


Shop rent, warehouse, and transportation costs, extra personnel costs .. Did you know that you don’t need any of these to open a shop, you can reach far more people with much lower costs? Whatever product or service you want to sell, there is always a solution in line with your budget. You can list your products on platforms such as Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, N11 with very low fees, you can use a ready-made e-commerce package such as Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, or you can print a special software for your budget. When it comes to e-commerce, your options are limitless. There is always a suitable solution for your alternative new business ideas in e-commerce.

New Business Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs for 2021

Are you ready to take your place in the world’s fastest-growing industry? According to the e-marketer World E-commerce Research, the volume of the e-commerce industry in 2021 is expected to exceed 2 trillion dollars. If you want to do e-commerce in 2021 but can’t decide exactly what you can sell, check out “ Niche E-commerce Ideas ”.

 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is both a simple and complex business. The Affiliate system, which is easy to understand but can be difficult to implement, is actually a system that you can earn by selling or supporting other companies’ products. This system, in which the investment cost and risk are quite low, has enabled many people all over the world to enter entrepreneurship in recent years. With this model, you can enter the Internet world without risk, after experiencing market conditions, users, products, and marketing techniques, you can start an e-commerce venture if you wish, or you can continue to enjoy this safe and profitable investment. There are many Affiliate Networks around the world. It is useful to do good research to choose the most suitable networks for you.

Refurbishing / Technological Recycling

Refurbishing, which has many successful examples especially in England and France, involves the resale of technological products such as smartphones and laptops after maintenance, cleaning. The word refurbish is used to revive and polish. Products such as furniture can also be recycled. With its low cost and wide market share, whether it is a technological product or furniture, refurbishing is a candidate to be one of the favorite lines of the future. In 2021, this non-recognition of yet more businesses in our country, Turkey is also expected to be quite popular.

Design Product Production and Sales

There is an increasing trend from standard, factory-made, uniform products to custom-designed, original and creative designs. Specially designed furniture, jewelry, shoes, office equipment, and many other products are becoming the preferred point of more and more people every day. You can present your products, whose production costs are based on labor rather than materials, in your shop where you will open a creative concept, or in designer marketplaces such as Zet.com and Etsy.com.

New Business Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs for 2021

Do you want to make a venture but don’t have enough resources? Don’t worry. You can benefit from grants or low-interest loans from institutions such as KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK, and the Ministry of Industry, which are given to entrepreneur candidates who have an alternative, planned, and useful new business ideas but do not have sufficient resources. You can check our article for detailed information about KOSGEB grants.

New Freelance Business Ideas to Work at Home in 2021

Are you one of those who say that they do not necessarily put it in the golden plaza? One of these business ideas is definitely for you if you are one of those who multiply their productivity and pleasure when the time and place dependency is removed. We strongly recommend you to read our article on How to Prepare for Freelance Work and Office Life before starting a freelance life.

Web Design and Software (Web Development)

Web development is the rising trend of recent years that combines art and technology. To be a web developer, you need to be able to dream big with feasibility and risk hard work. The web world is a highly profitable industry that grows exponentially every day. You need good coding and design knowledge for Web Development, which is known as one of the most profitable freelance jobs. If you want to be successful in this field, you should follow the latest trends regularly, do not hesitate to try and be wrong, and always be open to innovations. If you want to improve yourself in software but cannot find the time or resources to go to a course, you can get support from online software courses such as Codecademy or Teamtreehouse.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital marketing, the trend of recent years that has been increasing exponentially, is now an industry where many companies acknowledge its importance and allocate significant shares from marketing budgets. It is predicted that digital marketing, which includes many branches such as social media, internet advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, will continue to increase its market share in the world in 2021. As brands increase their belief in the power of digital, the need for guidance from an experienced digital marketer also increases.

If you do not want to work in a brand, you can consider providing external consultancy, you can easily find freelance jobs with international freelance networks such as Freelancer.com Guru.com or with platforms that provide the remote workforce to foreign companies such as Crossover.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walk

The furthest and cutest of new business ideas are, of course, those that include pets for many. The work that can be done with the pet is limited by your imagination. Many people treat their adopted animals like their children. Their health and happiness comes first. Pet sitting and dog walking are among the most important needs of working people who keep pets. Dog walkers may be the biggest need for a working person’s dog. Nobody would feel comfortable leaving their dog alone at home all day long. Having their dog in an environment where they can make friends and play is the first choice of every dog ​​breeder.

For animals in need of special care, health problems or exotic animals, the situation is even more important.

From pet photography to clothing design, from dog whispering to pet massage therapists, we recommend you check out 50 pet business ideas for more new business ideas in the pet industry.


While writing is an indescribable means of relaxation and motivation for some, it can be as repulsive for others as an essay assignment on ‘Our Revolutions’. If you are one of those who love to write, Blog and E-book writing is just for you.

Blog writing

Today, the rapidly growing blog network attracts more attention every day, far from losing its popularity. From fashion to travel, from healthy life and beauty to technology and business, from recipes to child or pet care, you can be a famous blogger who is followed by whatever topic you enjoy and care about. Moreover, you can bring your blog to life for free by choosing the most suitable view for you on platforms such as WordPress or Blogger, without dealing with the cost of setting up a new site.

E-book authoring

With the launch of the Kindle by Amazon, the concept of e-books, which has hit our lives like a bomb, is growing like an avalanche with each passing day. While the interest in physical books decreases all over the world, the use of e-books is increasing exponentially. Choosing the books we will take with us while on vacation and using bags that we can fit the book we will read on the way to work are becoming history. Now we can carry thousands of books with us even with our mobile phones. In Turkey ‘Özyayıncılık’ started to be known as the ‘Self-Publishing’ meets about 30% of the Amazon e-book sales. With self-publishing, you can freely write your book and present it to the readers without waiting for the long and exhausting approval processes of the publishers, without worrying about rejection, and if you wish, you can start negotiations with publishing houses after reaching a certain recognition.

Nutrition Consultancy

The ancients say “Health is the greatest wealth.” Many people are unaware of the foods they should and should not eat, the daily / weekly exercise they should do. When they say daily work pace, housework, friends, and hobbies, they can neither devote time nor concentration for their health. Wouldn’t it be nice if a connoisseur would regularly tell them what to eat, when and how many exercises to do? Even if you do not have the budget to open a wellness club, you can provide consultancy.

Private Chef

Are you one of those people who consider cooking as a therapy? Then, among the new business ideas, the most suitable one for you is the Special Chefship, which turns your hobby into cash. There are two options for professionals who do not have the opportunity to prepare meals at home due to their busy work schedule, do not like to cook, and prefer to spare time for their hobbies. They will either be fed fast food and restaurant meals, or they will be able to work with a trusted personal chef and consume their favorite healthy meals on a daily basis. How many professionals do you know who would choose restaurant and fast food? A personal chef can produce a weekly meal for an average of 5-15 people. Think. Those who are on a diet, have a special nutrition program, cannot find the opportunity to cook because of the intensity… Who says no to homemade fresh, tasty heat and meals? Of course, small invitations and events are an extra.

Whether you are starting a new venture, working freelance from home, or needing additional income, you should follow the market conditions, analyze your weaknesses and strengths very well, and always act planned in order to evaluate new business ideas and choose the Business Idea that best suits you. 

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