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New Trend Architectures

New Trend Architectures

trend architectures

Trend architectures in the architectural sector undergo some changes with each new season. Along with the developing technologies and materials, the tastes of the homeowners can change sometimes, sometimes small, and sometimes to a large extent. This year, there are some new architectures that stand out.

Environmentally Friendly Architectural Structuring

Today, it is an accepted subject that the need for buildings with environmentally friendly designs has increased. Among the latest new architectures, we see the addition of green walls to both office buildings and interior spaces, as well as the garden and green roof. For example, famous architectural firms in Hong Kong; have been a leader in taking advantage of the environmentally friendly architectural trends that are at the forefront in 2019.

It is no longer enough to use only environmentally friendly products. In a few years, we will begin to see many vertical gardens as well as green roofs. In addition, the use of green parks and green walls in the interior spaces of the buildings will grow in parallel. Although the use of recyclable materials for construction is already done, it will increase exponentially.

Reusability of recycled materials, sustainable innovative designs, artistic and effective use will come to the fore with trendy architectures. The most common feature in today’s trend architectures is composed of alternative materials that will allow recycling. Brick, metal, concrete, life and plastics can be made using a different form of previously used materials.

Open Space Designs Come To The Forefront

Open and wide space designs that encourage the mixing of entertainment, cooking and family spaces by articulating each other have dominated the architecture of the residences in recent years. With this trend, it is also possible to observe some changes in both commercial and residential architecture. Designers and architects are increasingly conscious of defining the various sections in order to be able to identify different living spaces by preventing the straight view of these large and large spaces. New Trend Architectures

In order to achieve this and improve the visual organization of the spaces, designers;

  • Different surface colors,
  • Tissue shifts,
  • Ground levels,
  • Kitchen separation islands,
  • Lightings and
  • He prefers to use furniture groups.

He uses partition wall systems more often to use designs more effectively.

Big Impacts With Small Designs

The environmental impact of high land prices and large homes are transformed into a source of inspiration for the design of smaller homes through multifunctional, contemporary and interesting designs. The popularity of small houses, communal residences, micro-apartments and multi-generational residences increases the interest in this lifestyle.

Over the years, architects have challenged themselves to design small but perfectly shaped buildings at certain times. Today, however, many architects have turned to a focused path, which may be physically small with reduced budgets, but do great when it comes to ideas and trends. Small but perfectly shaped architectural designs somehow challenge existing popular architecture.

Solar Roof Tiles Draw Attention

Solar roof tiles are products that convert the sun’s rays into the energy required to power a house. Regardless of the product and texture used on the roof, it can be integrated seamlessly. It can also be found in different styles. It is also evident that it is much cheaper when compared to traditional glass solar panels on the market among the new architectures today. It is among the latest trends, visually appealing and adapting to any type of home.

Sustainable Architecture in the Foreground

When it is taken into consideration that human activities cause changes on climates; developments in architecture are also beginning to focus more on the principle of sustainability. An example of this is the installation of the water filtration system in new buildings and the alleviation of the water crisis in new buildings. Same time; Air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems will also be specially designed in order to reduce their negative impact on the environment and to save energy.

Sustainability is a concern for home buyers. Consumers are aware of the importance of reducing their carbon footprint and want to make sustainable choices that fit their lifestyle. Architects can meet these needs by ensuring good insulation of building facades and adding energy efficient devices and solar panels to their solutions.

New Architectural Designs with Other Prominent Features

When looking at the new architectural design, balconies and terraces stand out as major design elements. At the same time, glass curtains will gain popularity. A serious increase is observed in the use of automation in both new buildings and restored buildings.

New systems;

  • Temperature,
  • Home security and
  • It controls the light automatically. The demand for these systems is increasing day by day. Smart buildings are reflected in users as lower consumption bills and more comfort. Such domotic architectures become part of environmental and social awareness.

Adaptable Open Spaces, Bathrooms and Kitchens

With new architectures , open spaces can rapidly transform according to users’ preferences. Partitions and walls are eliminated to provide more adaptable and flexible features to the design. After the integration of living rooms and kitchens, terraces and in some cases even bedrooms can be expanded by including these areas. However, in recent years, more attention has been paid to bathrooms and kitchens. Kitchens will continue to function as a hub for household activities.

Bathrooms, on the other hand, will not only be nursing or personal care area. At the end of a challenging and tiring day, it will turn into a living space for recovery and relaxation. The serious increase in the sales of jacuzzi and bathtubs in recent times is proof of this. Over time, more and more people increase the time they spend in their bathrooms to reduce their connection with the outside world, albeit in a limited time.

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