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REM Sleep as a Therapy Method

REM Sleep as a Therapy Method

REM Sleep as a Therapy Method

REM Sleep as a Therapy Method. While research reveals the importance of quality sleep for health, they often highlight the benefits of REM sleep. Finally, it turned out that REM sleep is a form of therapy.

Although sleeping sounds like a kind of rest, our bodies continue to work with our eyes closed. During the sleep process, the body goes through two sleep phases: the part that falls asleep and where the body’s components regenerate and REM sleep.

REM sleep begins 1-1.5 hours after falling asleep. Meanwhile, dreams are seen, heart rate increases, and even emotional movements are experienced.

Lawrence Chan, a doctor of sleep medicine at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, says REM sleep usually occurs every 90 to 120 minutes, and its duration gradually increases. And he sums up the physical changes the body goes through during REM sleep as follows:

– Increased heart rate
– Higher blood pressure
– Faster breathing
– Rapid eye movement


During REM sleep, the brain also does a lot of mental processing. Alex Dimitriu, MD, founder of Menlo Park Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine, says some people call this the brain’s own internal therapy system.

Although more research is needed, this therapeutic brain activity during REM sleep is associated with the following actions:
– Emotional processing,
– Memory consolidation (consolidating experiences in long-term memory),
– Coping with unpleasant memories.

Evaluating REM sleep as a therapy system, researchers suggest that in this part of sleep, the brain tries to cope with emotional trauma.


REM sleep is also associated with dreams; however, Lawrence Chan points out that dreams can also occur during non-REM sleep.

While seven hours or more sleep per night is recommended for adults, there is no specific amount of REM sleep required.


Dr. Chan; He says REM sleep accounts for about 20% of sleep time, and that people cannot control how much REM sleep is received.

However, there may be less REM sleep than usual due to an unhealthy lifestyle. In this case, improving the quality of sleep can help fix the problem.


Any sleep disorder can be treated if it is experienced: If there is a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, this can cause disruptions in REM sleep. Seeing a sleep specialist for proper tests will help.

Keeping caffeine and alcohol intake under control: These types of substances can disrupt REM sleep. Dr. Chan says you need to stop drinking caffeine at noon to combat this. Additionally, prescription medications such as pain relievers, sedatives, and antidepressants can also affect REM sleep.

Ensuring good sleep hygiene: Sleep hygiene refers to healthy sleep habits. Experts summarize these habits as follows:
– Having a 30-minute relaxation period before going to bed,
– Keeping the lights dim towards bedtime,
– Leaving electronic devices,
– Keeping the bedroom cool (approximately 18.5 degrees)

Getting enough sleep: In general, getting enough sleep will help get a good amount of REM sleep.

A regular sleep schedule: Sleeping at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning can be beneficial for healthy sleep. This will help you fall asleep easier and wake up feeling more rested.


If the sleep time, which is important for REM sleep, is not taken sufficiently, the emergence of some diseases may be strengthened:

– Decreased memory,
– Increased risk of heart disease,
– Decreased ability to lose weight.

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