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Russia Decision From Slovakia

Russia Decision From Slovakia

Russia Decision From Slovakia

Russia Decision From Slovakia. Slovakia announced that they will deport 3 employees working at the Russian Embassy in Bratislava. Prime Minister Eduard Heger stated that the decision was taken depending on the current geopolitical situation and the events in Czechia.

Slovakia was also involved in the diplomatic crisis between Russia and Czechia. Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Heger announced at the press conference that 3 employees of the Russian Embassy in Bratislava will be deported, depending on the current geopolitical situation and the recent events in Czechia. Prime Minister Heger stated that the people in question have 7 days to leave Slovakia.

Noting that Slovakia is in solidarity and support with the Czech Republic as a result of the recent events, Prime Minister Heger stated that they made a comprehensive assessment in the light of the information provided by the Slovak intelligence before the deportation decision.

Slovakian Foreign Minister Ivan Korcok announced that Slovakia would take decisive steps within the framework of solidarity with Czechia.


Maria Zakharova, spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said: “We are deeply disappointed with the hostile behavior of Bratislava, who decided to show solidarity with Prague in a fabricated case. Our answer will not take long, ”he said. Czechia announced that it will deport 60 Russian Embassy employees

Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek announced that they would deport 60 more employees of the Russian Embassy. Stating that they will equal the number of employees in the Czech Republic’s foreign representative office in Moscow, Kulhanek stated that Russia has time until the end of May to reduce its personnel in Prague.

Zaharova, on the other hand, stated that Russia will respond to the decision to reduce the number of personnel at the Czech Embassy in Prague and said, “I am asked to comment on their latest decisions. Prague went into ruining relations. The answer won’t take long. ”


Czechia decided to deport 18 Russian diplomats last Saturday, citing their role in the explosion of the ammunition depot in the city of Vrbietiec in 2014, which resulted in the death of 2 people. In the face of the Czech decision, Russia expelled 20 Czech diplomats.

The tension between the two countries was also reflected in the commercial relations, and it was announced that the Russian nuclear energy company Rosatom would be removed from the list of companies to participate in the new unit construction tender for the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. After the Czech Interior Minister Jan Hamacek announced that they gave up the Sputnik V corona virus vaccine they were planning to buy from Russia, Kulhanek said yesterday that 18 Czech diplomats who were deported to Russia are not allowed to return to Moscow until 12.00 today, more Russians. He gave an ultimatum that they would deport the diplomat.

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