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Sakarya is a Hospital Paradise

Sakarya is a Hospital Paradise

Sakarya is a Hospital Paradise

Sakarya is a Hospital Paradise. Sakarya is a city called hospital paradise, which provides health to people with over 30 hospitals in provinces and districts. These hospitals in the city are divided into public and private hospitals. These hospitals have modern health equipment required for the treatment of the illnesses people experience. Hospitals host patients from provinces other than Sakarya, thanks to the equipment they have.

State Hospitals in Sakarya

The number of state hospitals in Sakarya, which is a hospital paradise, is over 20 and some of these hospitals are located in the city center and some in Sakarya districts.

Sakarya state hospitals located in the city center and its districts and most preferred by the patients are as follows;

  • Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital
  • Akyazı State Hospital
  • Geyve State Hospital
  • Yenikent State Hospital
  • Hendek State Hospital

These public hospitals work to treat patients in the best way with their specialist physician staff and auxiliary staff.

Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital

Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital ranks first among state hospitals serving in Sakarya. The hospital, which has been in service since 1951, is today a large hospital consisting of four campuses. These campuses are center, maternity ward, Korucuk campus and community and mental health centers.

The total bed capacity in the hospital is 935 and there are 120 intensive care beds used for intensive care needs. Units in the hospital, which are rich in treatment equipment, are divided into internal and surgical units, and these units are supervised by doctors who are experts in that field.

Sakarya University Training and Research Hospital provides services in 56 different branches. The units served in the hospital are as follows; orthopedics, anesthesia, urology, cardiovascular surgery, oncology, dermatology, ENT, gynecology, neurology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, psychiatry, radiology, emergency medicine, family medicine, general surgery and infectious diseases. The number of doctors serving in the hospital through these units is 300. These doctors include professors, associate professors and specialist doctors.

Akyazı State Hospital

Akyazı State Hospital is a state hospital located in Akyazı district of Sakarya. The hospital has been in service since 1997. Akyazı State Hospital has a bed capacity of 100 and the hospital has an operating room.

The hospital provides service with 250 employees and more than 40 of these employees are specialists and general practitioners. In the hospital, patients are treated in different branches in accordance with their ailments. In addition to surgical and internal units in the hospital; There is a pain unit, hemodialysis, physical therapy and imaging unit.

Geyve State Hospital

Geyve State Hospital, which has been providing treatment for patients in Sakarya’s Geyve district since 1974, is a state hospital with 42 beds. There are a total of 154 personnel working in different units to treat patients in the hospital. The hospital has been serving with its renovated building since 2018.

Yenikent State Hospital

Yenikent State Hospital is a modern-looking state hospital located in Adapazarı district with a capacity of 347 beds. The patient rooms in the hospital, which was opened in 2005, are for two people and are prepared widely for the comfort of the patients. The rooms have items such as air conditioning, bathroom, refrigerator, TV and wardrobe. The hospital has a coronary intensive care unit and this unit has 11 beds. Each bed in the intensive care unit has the equipment needed during intensive care.

Hendek State Hospital

Sakarya Hendek State Hospital started to serve in Hendek district of Sakarya in 2015. In the hospital, which has 100 patient beds, the rooms for the patients are single and double. There are neonatal, cardial and general intensive care units in the hospital. It also has a hemodialysis department with 10 devices used for the treatment of kidney patients. The hospital, which accepts patients from neighboring districts other than Hendek district, provides treatment of over 100 thousand patients every year.

Private Hospitals in Sakarya

In Sakarya, there are private hospitals that people who do not prefer to go to public hospitals can benefit from. These hospitals detect the illnesses with the analysis and imaging they make and apply the correct treatment.

Provide quality service in Sakarya Sakarya private hospitals include the following hospitals;

  • Private Medar Hospital
  • Private Sakarya Bilge Hospital
  • Private Beyhekim Hospital
  • Private Adatıp Sakarya Hospital

These hospitals help the people of Sakarya and guest patients to regain their health thanks to the doctors who are experts in their fields.

Private Medar Hospital

Private Medar Hospital with a bed capacity of 111 is located in Serdivan district of Sakarya. Opened in 2016, this hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are 19 intensive care units in the hospital and these units are general and coronary intensive care units. In addition, there are 15 neonatal units serving for newborn babies in the hospital. More than 150 people can eat at the same time in Private Medar Hospital, which has a large dining hall.

Private Bilge Hospital

Private Bilge Hospital, which is among the private hospitals of Sakarya, was opened in 1999 and is now working diligently for the treatment of patients. The bed capacity of the hospital is 53 and the location of the hospital is Adapazarı. The hospital has units such as Hemodialysis, Radiology, Emergency, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Eye Diseases, Psychiatry, Neurology, Diet, Internal Medicine and Brain Surgery.

Private Beyhekim Hospital

Private Beyhekim Hospital is a private hospital that has been serving in Sakarya Adapazarı for 28 years. The hospital, which served on Sakarya Street in the year it was founded, started to serve in its new building built in Tepekum District after the 1999 earthquake. 28 doctors working in different units work in the hospital and these doctors admit patients 7 days a week. The polyclinics at Private Beyhekim Hospital are biochemistry, pediatric health, internal medicine, dermatology, plastic surgery, cardiology, general surgery, ENT, orthopedics, radiology, anesthesia, urology and physical therapy departments.

Private Adatıp Sakarya Hospital

Private Adatıp Sakarya Hospital is a private hospital that was opened in 1995 and is the first big hospital in Sakarya. The hospital, which serves under an SSI agreement, was awarded as a Baby Friendly Hospital in 2006.

In 2006, it added an additional building to its structure due to insufficient hospital service areas, which aim to provide all the health services needed by Sakarya and its surrounding.

Private Adatıp Sakarya Hospital provides services with outpatient clinics in addition to units such as oral and dental health, medical units, reproductive treatment, aesthetics, dialysis and intensive care. There are 67 physicians specialized in different fields serving in the hospital.

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