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Steve Jobs: A Crazy Thinking He Can Change the World

Steve Jobs: A Crazy Thinking He Can Change the World

Steve Jobs: A Crazy Thinking He Can Change the World

” People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the people who do it.”

Steve Jobs: A Crazy Thinking He Can Change the World. Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Isaacson, author of the bestselling Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein biographies tells an inspiring life story. Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs over the course of more than two years, as well as interviews with more than a hundred relatives, friends, adversaries, rivals, and colleagues, this book, with the passion and determination of perfection The bumpy life and strong personality of a creative entrepreneur who has pioneered in digital publishing and digital publishing. The book, which is the first and only biography prepared with the participation of Steve Jobs, was published in Turkish by Domingo Publishing House.

The book begins with how Steve Jobs founded the Apple company and his life philosophy in youth. It also makes clear that the urban legend that the Apple logo was inspired by British computer pioneer Alan Turing, who cracked German war codes and then committed suicide by biting an apple with cyanide, is not true.

As you read about Jobs’s passions, obsessions, perfectionism, artistry, crankiness, control obsession that shaped his approach to business, you begin to find him repulsive. Steve Jobs’ colleagues, family and other social circles are also objectively discussed in the book. Even though it is familiar to its enthusiasts about the silicon valley, it also provides information that may be interesting to a wide audience: For example, Jobs’ first job was Pong, the legendary game of the period in Atari.

The biography begins with Jobs’ adoption; Throughout the book, leaving the question of whether this abandonment trauma in his childhood was effective in transforming him into a controlling and self-interested adult… Despite his passion for Zen, Jobs, who was calm, peaceful, not a gentle person in interpersonal relationships, was able to create simple, useful and beautiful products thanks to this passion.

In the late 1970s, he was kicked out of the management of Apple, which he co-founded with Steve Wozniak, as a result of the power struggle he lost on the board of directors in 1985. Before long, a change process begins with a new company, marriage and more time for himself in Jobs, who founded the NeXT computer company.

What they lived between when Apple, which was the first eye ache, came to the point of stinging and Steve Jobs’ return in 1997, how he took a company that had come to the point of sinking and brought it up, how it signed products such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes and how the world It is full of clues that every reader will learn from in terms of both business and personal life, which he has turned into the largest technology company.

In the last chapter, although it is quite sad to read about his cancer and his progress towards death day by day, it is an inspiring life story that anyone seeking success in life should read. Of course, there is talk of Jobs’ hostile race against Bill Gates over the years. And maybe because he wouldn’t have died at the age of 57 if he hadn’t refused early treatment.

Despite all his grudges, repulsiveness, and his first daughter living what he experienced in his childhood, it is certain that Steve Jobs is a different, extraordinary person who can change the world. From positioning Apple to answer the question of ” why ” and not “what” to going to the Jelly Bean confectionery factory for the color of the iMac case! He is an extraordinary genius whose every idea he proposes is crazy and absurd, but he is always the last laugher. A wizard who manages to bring a product that is said to be a niche in almost every home. Read the book and you will surely be impressed!

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