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Vaccine Warning for Psoriasis Patients

Vaccine Warning for Psoriasis Patients

Vaccine Warning for Psoriasis Patients

Vaccine Warning for Psoriasis Patients. Dermatology Specialist Prof. Dr. Burhan Engin stated that psoriasis patients who are in the priority group in the Covid-19 vaccination program should also be vaccinated.

Psoriasis (psoriasis) is a skin disease that can persist for a long time. The most important causes are immune system, genetic and environmental factors. Traumatic situations such as scratching, picking, alcohol, stress, smoking, some medications, excessive sunbathing and sunburn can also trigger the disease. Stating that psoriasis does not pose a risk for coronavirus and that these patients should definitely comply with preventive measures like everyone else, Professor of Skin Diseases. Dr. Burhan Engin gave the following information on vaccination…


In our country, active vaccination process continues at the moment. The Pfizer / BioNTech (BNT162b2) mRNA vaccine is available in many western countries. This vaccine mRNA carries genetic instructions for making the SARS-CoV-2 “spike” protein (spikes on the surface of the virus). The CoronoVac vaccine, developed by the China-based Sinovac company, is aimed at the inactive virus technique, which is an old method, by injecting the virus that has lost its ability to infect, and the body is aimed to become immune to the disease. Our community has access to CoronoVac and BioNTech vaccines.


Our psoriasis patients for whom we started systemic treatment are in the priority group in the Covid-19 vaccination program. We recommend vaccination to all our patients who are included in the vaccination program. There is no vaccine that we prefer primarily to patient groups in vaccination. Both vaccines can be given safely. During the vaccination process, they can continue their treatment after their second dose is completed.


The most common local side effects after both vaccines are pain, mild swelling and redness at the injection site, respectively. There is no significant difference between the two vaccines when local effects are compared. Therefore, there is no reaction that prevents the vaccine administration. We use systemic drugs that affect the immune system in many patient groups that we are interested in in the field of dermatology.

For example, one of the patient groups we are dealing with is psoriasis patients. Considering the coverage rate of the disease, the thickness of the psoriasis plaques, and the joint involvement of the disease, we recommend systemic treatment agents to the patients. These treatments are generally used for a long time and side effects are followed.

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