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Ways to Lose Weight Slowly but Permanently

Ways to Lose Weight Slowly but Permanently

Ways to Lose Weight Slowly but Permanently

Ways to Lose Weight Slowly but Permanently. As the summer months approach, diet lists reappear. However, Dr. Nick Fuller reveals that diets often lead to more weight gain and explains methods of slow but healthy weight loss.

Obesity specialist Dr. Nick Fuller developed a different diet program at the end of his interviews and research with thousands of overweight or obese clients. The weight loss strategy Fuller suggested may be less attractive, not fast success, but much more permanent and healthier.

Dr. According to Fuller’s theory, we need to lose weight gradually in order not to trigger the survival mechanisms that our bodies have developed over the years and eventually cause weight gain over time. He argues that people develop a “constant weight” that their bodies are accustomed to and that protection mechanisms come into play in any change.


Fuller; He notes that most of us are surrounded by fatty, processed foods, which causes obesity. In short, he says, “diets make us fat.” Studies show that around 90% of those dieting gain more weight than they lost in the early stages.

Fuller; “We have to tell people to stop losing weight this way. Because the psychological consequences not only of regaining weight, but also of diet and food restriction are enormous, ”he says.

Various studies in the western world, especially during the corona virus period, show that as a result of quarantines and restrictions, weight gain has become widespread in humans by 22 to 49%, and this is even more common among people who are overweight or obese.


Dr. Fuller developed the plan by working at an obesity clinic for over 15 years. He noticed that many of the patients sitting sadly in front of him were telling him exactly the same story: They tried every diet and their situation got worse:

Over time, they had difficulty losing weight and they said “I can’t even lose a few pounds right now, I don’t know what to do.”

Dr. Fuller explains: “What the £ 2 billion UK diet industry doesn’t want you to know is that you don’t fail because of a lack of willpower; you failed for biological reasons. “


Dr. Fuller loses weight slowly, making their images permanent and psychologically less challenging. In the recommended diet; He recommends five meals a day. However, he states that only the first of these meals should be larger and the meal at the end of the day should also be the smallest.


He recommends home-cooked meals six days a week and only one meal a week from outside. He underlines that in this process, 30-minute exercises should be done six days a week. For this, he bans television or any screen three days a week, and directs his clients to action by saying 2 hours at most in the other four days. And he states that 6-8 hours of sleep must be necessary.

Fuller also slightly changes these recommendations for maintaining weight after weight loss. Talking about home cooking five days a week, eating out increases to two meals a week. And it stretches the TV ban a little more and bans watching two days a week; However, he underlines that you should not eliminate sports from your life and recommends low or medium intensity sports for five days, 30 minutes each.

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