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What are the Underlying Causes of Depression and Stress?

What are the Underlying Causes of Depression and Stress?

What are the underlying causes of depression and stress?

What are the underlying causes of depression and stress? When you say that positive tendencies are the cause of happiness in a person, you can say that negative tendencies in the same breath are the cause of unhappiness. Well, extreme stress, anxiety, and frustration all open a path towards depression.
Same old story through the ages – the eternal conflict between Light and Darkness. These two forces cannot exist in the same place at the same time. When the light comes, we don’t need to order the darkness to go away. It disappears automatically. On the contrary. Similarly, when the Light leaves without a little thought, Darkness comes to the boss once again!

It would be useful here to reflect on the common causes of depression and stress found in most people today. Distorted or unstable economic situation is an important cause. Well, not having enough money will not be the cause of your depression. With the right kind of effort, you can always tackle this trivial problem.
Then, the things you don’t do and the wrong things are a sure harbinger of depression and stress.

No one ever said or proved that bad habits are good! Like drinking alcohol! Smoking is another bad habit too! If you smoke and smoke regularly, can you claim that you are truly happy? You always curse the habit and still carry the curse in your head! This state of helplessness is one of the causes of your depression and stress.
An innocent-looking habit like eating can also be a major cause of depression and stress. As a wise saying goes, you must eat not for food, but for a living. The human body requires a certain discipline to properly care for it. Whether you are hungry or not, whether the food is healthy or not, you continue to eat without worrying about the consequences. The type of food you eat is directly related to the various organs during the day. They are there to perform a certain job in a certain way. The wrong type of food means that it invites serious illnesses such as obesity, heart failure, and diabetes. These illnesses can then cause serious types of depression and stress.
Dealing with various situations in life can also be the cause of depression and stress. The inability to cope with the conditions may be due to your own creation or certain birth defects. Each has performance limitations. Sometimes the result you get is out of proportion to the degree of effort you put into it. There is no definitive or definitive solution to facing such situations. The right working philosophy should be developed in life. This can only be achieved with experience and gradually developing expertise.

Periodically review your habits, issues related to your daily temperament, and try to identify the causes of depression and stress. It is better to try to fix the shortcomings one by one, rather than do everything to refresh yourself!

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