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What Does a Broker Mean?

What Does a Broker Mean?

What Does a Broker Mean?

What Does a Broker Mean? Cash or futures markets on behalf of clients in their companies or foreign exchange trading commission to the person Brokers is called. It makes it easier for buyers and sellers to come together and speeds up shopping. The broker also provides advice on buying and selling to the client or senior management. It specializes in areas such as real estate, investment, commodity, mortgage, stocks, insurance. The broker mediates the purchase and sale transactions for a certain commission. It is the name given to the processors who make transactions on their behalf only on the account of the person or institution to which they are a party.

What Does the Broker Do?

  • Records foreign currency purchase and sale orders,
  • Learn about the financial conditions and investment areas of the customers,
  • Manages the client’s investment portfolio,
  • Obtains information about the financial status of companies and customers that can be invested,
  • It advises its customers on profitable investment areas,
  • Analyze the market trends of financial instruments related to foreign exchange trading,
  • Provides customers with information about the developments in the money market,
  • Stays loyal to customer privacy,
  • Initiates trading transactions on behalf of the customer,
  • It informs potential customers about market conditions and expectations.

How to Become a Broker?

They usually work in the financial or banking sectors. In order to become a broker, it is necessary to attend the training provided by Borsa Istanbul (BIST) after graduating from the economics departments of universities. Those who successfully complete their education are awarded a certificate.

How should it be

  1. Must have the ability to analyze,
  2. Be able to reason logically,
  3. Demonstrate research and reporting skills,
  4. To be able to make effective decisions under intense stress,
  5. It should be able to work in detail-oriented.

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