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What Does a Real Estate Certificate Mean?

What Does a Real Estate Certificate Mean?

What Does a Real Estate Certificate Mean?

What Does a Real Estate Certificate Mean? Real estate certificate; It is the name given to the investment tool that allows people to buy from these shares by dividing real estate projects into small shares on a square meter basis. Those who have this certificate can have the chance to buy a house thanks to the shares they have, but they can also become shareholders in the shares.

Those who buy shares with a real estate certificate can put these shares on sale at Borsa Istanbul. Likewise, they can hold the shares they receive to buy a house until the end of the project and finally own an apartment. In case the project is completed, if they do not want the flat, they can receive the cash amount obtained from the sale.

What are the Advantages of Real Estate Certificate?

The real estate certificate, which can be purchased with specified lower limits, has many advantages for investors and people who want to own a house. In addition, this certificate has benefits for people who implement housing projects.

Among the advantages of real estate certificate are the following;

  • It helps people to make large investments thanks to the small budgets they allocate. Thanks to these budgets, they can become homeowners.
  • It allows people to buy houses or other real estates without the need to withdraw loans.
  • It offers the opportunity to invest in those who do not want to buy a house.
  • In cases where the real estate certificate is intended to be used for investment purposes, individuals can put their shares on sale on the stock exchange. Thus, they can earn cash earnings.
  • It enables people who need housing to meet their needs thanks to reliable projects such as Toki, which allows them to use real estate certificates.
  • For those who have housing projects, certificates provide the advantage of increased interest in housing.
  • Real estate certificates purchased allow people to benefit from tax advantages.
  • It provides ease of finding financing for housing projects belonging to companies.
  • Certificates can be obtained by individuals or institutionally.
  • Since real estate certificates can be obtained by a large number of people by being divided into shares, they increase the customer base of the project owners.
  • It makes it easier for those who want to implement housing projects to reach investors.

In addition to these real estate certificates for projects to be implemented in Turkey it helps to the presence of foreign investors. In this way, project owners can find more customers by increasing their prestige.

How To Get It?

In order to obtain a real estate certificate, people must first have investment accounts. People who do not have an investment account can open an investment account with banks. Also, people who do not have investment accounts need to find institutions that are consortium members and intermediaries for real estate certificates.

When they find these institutions, it is possible for them to open an investment account. Thanks to the investment accounts they open, they can get a share of real estate certificates in the market. In addition, individuals can receive shares by companies that offer their real estate certificates to the public. However, for this, companies must follow the book collection dates and make a request.

How Does the Real Estate Certificate System Work?

It may be wondered how the system works by those who are considering obtaining a real estate certificate. First of all, the system is the system that eliminates the use of loans so that people can buy real estate and use investment vehicles. The system starts with the selection of the departments to be evaluated with a real estate certificate in the real estate project. Afterwards, the certificate number to be collected for the apartments in the project is determined. It is ensured that the determined real estate certificates are offered to the public on the determined date.

After the public offering of the certificates, the funds are collected and the funds are blocked when the offering is completed. After the funds are blocked, the certificates begin to be traded on Borsa Istanbul. In addition to this process, the collected funds are transferred piece by piece to the company that will construct the project. The developments are shared with the certificate holders in certain periods. While the project continues, the shareholders can purchase a certain part of the real estate with additional certificates.

Real estates in the project that are not sold begin to be sold through auction. When the sales are completed, the revenue is calculated and the value of a share is calculated by dividing the total by the number of revenue shares. After this calculation, the shares they deserve are paid in cash to those who do not buy real estate.

Where To Buy

Banks are the first place where real estate certificates can be obtained. However, in order to obtain the certificate, there must be an investment account opened in the bank. Another place that can be used to obtain a certificate is investment brokerage firms. Apart from these, they are companies that will implement real estate projects. As these companies offer their real estate certificates to the public, people can obtain the right to receive the certificates.

Who Can Benefit From Real Estate Certificate?

There are no specific conditions to benefit from the real estate certificate. Individual investors and institutional investors are entitled to receive certificates. In addition, those who want to own a house, regardless of whether they are domestic or foreign, can become a homeowner thanks to the shares they have by obtaining these certificates. Especially those who cannot take credit or do not want to take credit can become homeowners with certificates. Likewise, if they do not want to buy a house, they can earn income in proportion to their share from the sale.

Is There a Lower Limit Determined to Receive Real Estate Certificate?

There is a lower limit determined for those who want to benefit from the certificates as a home owner or investment tool to obtain real estate certificates. This lower limit is 42.50 TL and this amount is the amount required for 1 share. Persons have the right to purchase more than 1 share from the project. For this, they pay the price as much as the number of shares they receive. For example, when they buy 100 shares, the amount they will pay will be 4250 TL. The number of shares that people can receive can be unlimited depending on their budget.

What Are the Risks of Real Estate Certificate?

Real estate certificates are certificates that have advantages as well as risks. The most important of these risks are as follows;

  • There is a possibility that the value of the real estate under construction may decrease. For this reason, people who buy real estate certificate shares for investment purposes can earn less income.
  • There is a possibility of delay by not completing the project for which the real estate certificate was obtained. There may also be a risk that the project will not be completed at all.
  • Certificates do not have a guarantee of return and the project chosen has importance in obtaining the return.
  • Priority is given to the applicants before purchasing the project parts that are decided to be evaluated with a certificate. For this reason, when people want to buy a house and house, there are situations where they cannot buy the house they prefer.

All of these risks are likely to be eliminated. For example, if the preferred project will be implemented by Toki, it is unlikely that this project will not be completed. Likewise, it is necessary to choose a good company that makes the project so that the income is not low.

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