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What is a Zoologist?

What is a Zoologist?

What is a Zoologist?

What is a Zoologist? A zoologist is a person who develops practical applications in the fields of agriculture, medicine, and animal life, and especially works to improve the breeding and productivity of animal breeds. In addition, they examine the anatomical and physiological characteristics of animals. They also classify them according to their characteristics and investigate the effects of various factors on animals. In general, it means Animal scientist in TDK. Zoologists act as researchers or practitioners. Investigative Zoologists specialize in a particular type of animal. For example, Zoologists working as researchers;

  1. Examines the life of the animals on earth in their natural environment by means of observation,
  2. They examine the anatomical and physiological characteristics of animals in laboratories and classify the animals according to the data obtained.

What Does the Zoologist Do?

  • Although they do similar jobs to a biologist, they generally have a specialization in animal life.
  • Separates systematically according to their breed by investigating the development stages of animals, their structure, the climate they live in, and the relations of the family with each other,
  • The zoologist examines the samples taken in the laboratory,
  • They study their living under different conditions, their nutrition, the effects of the environment on animals, and their tissue and cell structures,
  • Conducts bacteriological and biological research in laboratories,
  • He raises animals for experimentation and studies the effects of drugs by administering them on animals.

Where Is Zoologist Training Given?

Zoology education, after graduating from the biology department in the science and science and literature faculties of various universities, is carried out with the graduate education program in most of these educational institutions. Education in the field of zoology in our country; It is given by completing a 4-year undergraduate education in the biology department of science faculties and science and literature faculties, where high school and equivalent school graduates can enter, and after completing their master’s and doctorate education in the department of zoology.

How to Become a Zoologist?

  • To be a high school or equivalent school graduate,
  • Getting enough “MF-2” score by taking the Higher Education Pass Exam (YGS) and Undergraduate Placement Exam (LYS),
  • In the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) Preference notification form, it is necessary to choose at least one higher education program related to the “Biology” undergraduate program.
Working Areas of Zoologists

As a result, only faculty members who conduct scientific research in universities in our country work with the title of zoologist . They can work in private farms.

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