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What is an Airplane Black Box?

What is an Airplane Black Box?

What is an airplane black box?

What is an airplane black box? It is a tool that collects and stores pilots’ speeches and messages from the tower on airplanes. In other words, even if the aircraft are shattered in plane accidents or go to the bottom of the sea, black boxes are sought, which record the last conversations in the cockpit, which is called the cockpit. Thanks to these boxes, which are mostly found intact among the terrible accident debris, the causes of the accident can be found. In short, the device that records the conversations in airplanes until the last moment is called the black box.

If the black box is made of such solid material, why isn’t the same material used throughout the plane? Airplanes can stay in the air comfortably, their ability to reach long distances with less fuel depends on their being made of as light material as possible. These materials are mostly aluminum and plastic.

What is black box raw material?

Black boxes are made of stainless steel. In addition, their width and length are approximately 25 centimeters, and their depths are 12-13 centimeters. The wall thickness of the boxes is 6-7 millimeters. The boxes are also equipped with liquid foam surrounded by plastic to protect against heat and fire. The boxes are made very robust. The boxes of a crashed plane could be removed after 7 years. Despite this time, the recordings could be heard in a healthy way.

What is the place where the black box is placed?

Originally black boxes were placed near the junction point of the wings. Since this area is the heaviest part of the plane, these heavy parts could fall on the boxes and damage them at the time of the fall. Later, black boxes started to be placed on the tail of the aircraft. Black boxes are designed to be least affected by the collision. For this, they are placed in the tail of the plane.

What Color is Black Box?

The colors of black boxes are not black but orange. The reason why this color is preferred is to be noticed more easily from debris. The reason it is orange is also because it is easy to find, because orange is a bright color.

What Does the Black Box Do?

Karakutu records all kinds of information and conversations about the aircraft. Despite many difficult conditions, it can protect it for days. Black boxes in passenger planes can send signals from within the sea for 90 days. Black boxes, which weigh an average of 5 kilograms, become active the moment they interact with sea water and begin to emit signals. Thus, every team looking for the location of a crashed plane can find it even under the sea.

The speeches of the pilots are recorded in the black box. Thus, research assistants can listen to the last speeches of the pilots. However, this is not the case for every black box. While some black boxes only record data about the aircraft, some can do both. The last 2 hours of the conversations taking place in the cockpit, together with the data of the last 25 hours of the aircraft, are recorded by the device.

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