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What is an Artesian?

What is an Artesian?

What is an Artesian?

What is an Artesian? It is called a well that is drilled with an auger and that makes the water gush up high. It is a source of cold water. It is used for cases where groundwater rises in wells with a water level above that initially encountered. The term artesian is used for conditions where groundwater rises in wells where the water level is above that initially encountered. Artesian wells are the wells that allow pressurized water between two or more underground layers that do not leak to the earth by drilling method.

The wells with pressurized water are called artois in French, as they were found in large quantities around the French village of Artois in the 12th century. The word artesian, in France; It comes from the region and town of Artois near Calais, where the first artesian well in Europe was drilled in 1126 and is still flowing today.

During the Tanzimat period, when Turkish culture was under the influence of French culture, this word entered and settled in Turkish as ” artesian “. The area that is in the form of a bowl and feeds the well with the water it carries, is fed by the water entering from the permeable upper parts.

How Is an Artesian? What are the features?

It is a kind of water source located underground. It is the name given to the water wells that are opened to benefit from the water layers formed if the water level increases enough to pass the layers of the earth. It is in the shape of a bowl and creates pressure in areas with water. Artesian is narrower than other wells and occurs on very arid soils . They come out to the earth by piercing the earth on the ground.

Over time, a pressure occurs in this area, which is filled with water. If a well is drilled into the hollow part of the region by drilling from the earth, the water comes out to the earth in a pressurized manner according to the compound pots principle, which is well known in physics. The water pressure depends on the condition of the watertight zone and where the well is drilled. The ends of the water-proof zone that are open and provide water filling are called “feeding zone”.

What is an Artesian Well?

The artesian well is used by taking advantage of the pascal principle. Artesian wells are built by drilling the land with drilling tools and placing iron pipes in the drilled part. There are many holes in the parts of these pipes along the waterline. In order not to block the holes during operation, the space between the pipe and the borehole is filled with gravel and coarse sand so that their size will decrease from inside to outside.

The gushing of oil from some oil wells is like water gushing out of an artesian well. Unlike the artesian well, the oil jet is also affected by the pressure of the gases in the oil bed.

What is Arthesis Source?

It is the emergence of water by spraying with a drill opened into the permeable layer between two impermeable layers in the form of a boat. Its distinction from other sources is that it emerges under the influence of human factors.

Difference Between Artesian and Welding

The natural resource is aquifers that lie between an impermeable formation and a permeable formation. Aquifers, on the other hand, are geological formations that hold water between the formations that can store water and give the water they store. Artesian, on the other hand, is between two impermeable formations, so a pressure is created by the movement of water. For this reason, if a well is opened at the source, there is a pressure movement.

How Are Artesian Resources Formed?

There are generally two conditions for the artesian state to occur; Geological layers giving rise to an artesian well.

  1. Part of the aquifer is in contact with the surface and the parts close to the surface are inclined to feed with water,
  2. Aquitards are required above and below the aquifer to prevent water from escaping.

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