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What is Real Estate Law?

What is Real Estate Law?

What is Real Estate Law?

What is Real Estate Law? Real estate is a word that has been translated into Turkish from the Arabic language as a word meaning. It is a word derived from the Arabic word nail. It means the word that cannot be moved using the prefix negativity. Its synonym also means immovable. The word real estate has been or continues to be used more in the field of economy. It means the same as a property law term. For example, it is a term used for things that cannot be transported such as houses and fields.

Real estate law is also a very important part of property law, it covers the vast majority of disputes and disputes arising due to property law. Real estate law, which contains details in many abnormal or exceptional cases, is only possible in a single case to connect with different and various branches of law and create complex. For this reason, real estate law is seen as a very difficult and complex legal case.

What Are Real Estate Law Cases?

The form of law called real estate law is a branch of law that is subject to legislation such as houses, plots, lands, apartments, flats that are not possible to be transported between individuals or institutions more than once. What is meant by real estate is generally properties. It is also referred to as immovable properties since it is not possible to move the flat from inside an apartment or to move the apartment from where it is.

Cases in real estate law can be listed as follows;

  1. Title deed and registration cases
  2. Probation cases
  3. Lease determination lawsuits
  4. Lawsuits for expropriation of rental fee registration
  5. Izale-i Şuyu lawsuits

The types of cases are examined in 5 groups. It is possible to resolve these types of cases through lawsuits with real estate law. It is a form of law or litigation that comes to the fore with issues such as inheritance and share acquisition on the agenda of cases involving immovable properties. In litigation processes, reference to very different laws or branches of law makes the lawsuits in real estate law a little different. The types of cases that are fundamental to real estate law or are the basis for real estate law from the very beginning host different real estate cases.

About Real Estate Law Cases

Real estate law cases are examined in 5 main groups. The details regarding real estate law cases are different in the 5 groups where they are the subject of law or the subject of the lawsuit.

Title Deed Cases

Generally, one of the lawsuits related to immovables within the scope or field of real estate law and one of the most common cases are the cases related to the title deeds. If there is a regulation type that is separate from the law and is external to the law in the deed cases that are subject to the types of cases such as title deed registration or title deed cancellation, it is the type of lawsuit created in order to eliminate the grievances related to it. It is about victimization and it is aimed to eliminate the grievances. It will be appropriate to apply to the courts where the immovable property is located, and to open the case with the lawyer if desired, and to start the court hearings.

Probation Cases

Another subject of lawsuit is the remuneration cases after the title deed cases. In such cases, immovables are again the subject. In these types of cases, the immovable property is unfairly occupied by other parties and the immovable property is taken back, injustice or, in other words, the elimination of the victimhood. It is a form of lawsuit that is filed by the occupied persons on the grounds that their lack of possession is unjustified in such remuneration cases, where there is no such thing as a statute of limitations.

Expropriation Cases

Considering the public interest in particular, these are lawsuits filed for the purpose of settling objections or disputes, including the expropriation process, by way of paying the prices of real estates such as private property, land, or some kind of immovable property. Such cases can be seen especially on land and plots. It seems quite possible in these types of cases to make urgent or urgent expropriation, expropriation through barter and partial expropriation in expropriation works and transactions carried out and being carried out by institutional public institutions such as municipalities and highways.

Lease Cases

Lease cases on real estate law are also quite detailed, extensive and require explanation. This lawsuit can be filed by the tenant or the landlord who rented his house. It is not possible for an individual who is excluded from this incident to have the power to file a rental lawsuit. Generally, disputes and disputes arising from the rental fee or evacuation become the main subject of the lease lawsuit.

Lease lawsuits are also a form of filing a lawsuit between the two parties in order to determine the rental value of the real estate that is the cause of the lease and the subject matter. It is a type of lease that has been opened due to non-compliance with the rental increase or rental increase rates determined in the lease contract belonging to the lease and the tenant in the leased property is also victimized and continues to be opened today. It is possible for only 2 people to open this lease case and one person out of these 2 people will be able to initiate the lawsuit proceedings by applying to the official institution.

Izale-i Şuyu Lawsuits

It is a type of lawsuit filed with the aim of terminating the partnership in a real estate or non-immovable property, but is not limited to having a property or immovable with two or more partners. Lawsuits, on the other hand, are initiated by applying to the institutions and organizations where the real estate is located.

These cases are generally quite long duration;

  • With the termination of the partnership through sales and termination of the partnership,
  • Izale-i Şuyu lawsuits can be filed for termination of the partnership together with the division.

About Real Estate Law

5 lawsuits can be filed about real estate law, and the main purpose of these 5 lawsuits is, in general, the types of lawsuits filed to find a solution for the disagreement, disagreement and deadlock in the middle. These types of cases also depend on Real Estate Law. There is information about the case and contents of the case on real estate law .

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