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What is the New Trend Horizontal Architecture?

What is the New Trend Horizontal Architecture?

What is the New Trend Horizontal Architecture?

What is the New Trend Horizontal Architecture? Studies are being carried out to replace vertical architecture, which has been preferred for urbanization studies recently, by horizontal architecture. Suggestions are shared that especially in order not to spoil the appearance of big cities, it is necessary to turn to this architecture. So what is the proposed horizontal architecture? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What is different from vertical architecture?

Things to know about the new trend horizontal architecture;

What is Horizontal Architecture?

Horizontal architecture is generally the planning of houses to be built as detached houses. In this architecture, residences consist of few floors, such as 2 or 3 floors, and are spread over a large area. Thus, people are prevented from living on high floors.

In addition, if a street has 2 or 3-storey buildings in horizontal architecture, it is not allowed to build 10 or higher-storey apartments on the side street or on the same street. In this way, the silhouette of the city does not deteriorate by not creating an image incompatibility between those streets in the city.

How Did the Horizontal Architecture Understanding Emerge?

Horizontal architectural understanding has emerged to eliminate the problems experienced due to the use of vertical architecture. However, this architectural understanding is equivalent to the understanding that people lived in single-storey and large houses in the past. For this reason, it is predicted that people will not have an adaptation problem in case of transition to this architecture.

However, the need for large areas for the implementation of this architecture is such that the works in this direction are disrupted. For example, in order to construct houses with horizontal architecture in a big city with a land problem, such as Istanbul, large lands are required.

What are the Advantages of Horizontal Architecture?

Adopting the horizontal architectural method ensures that people have many advantages if they live in houses built in accordance with this architecture. Thanks to these advantages, people’s quality of life also increases. In addition, the adoption of this architecture creates an advantage in terms of the appearance of the city. Apart from this, the adoption of horizontal architecture in housing projects positively affects the relations between people.

What are the Advantages of Horizontal Architecture?

The adoption of horizontal architecture by the contractors and the realization of projects suitable for horizontal urbanization have advantages for both people and the living city.

The most important of these advantages are as follows;

  • Between certain parts of the city, the different floors between buildings disappear with this architecture. In this way, the silhouette of the city does not deteriorate and creates a smooth image.
  • People can avoid living in high-rise buildings and problems such as heavy damage or collapse of these buildings in events such as earthquakes.
  • With this architecture, people live in wide and low-rise houses instead of narrow and high-rise houses.
  • In contrast to the fact that high-rise houses eliminate neighborly relations, neighborly relations increase thanks to the houses with horizontal architecture.
  • When necessary, socialization and neighborhood solidarity can be experienced as in the past.
  • It is also possible for people living in houses with horizontal architecture to live in nature.

In order to benefit from all these advantages, the buildings should be constructed in accordance with this architecture. In addition, in order to maintain this architectural understanding, buildings in the form of skyscrapers should not be allowed to be built adjacent to streets with 1 or 2-storey buildings.

What are the Disadvantages of Horizontal Architecture?

The construction of living spaces in accordance with the horizontal architecture has advantages as well as disadvantages.

These disadvantages include the following;

  • In order to apply horizontal architecture to big cities such as Istanbul, there may be a land shortage because large lands are needed.
  • Because of this architecture, the construction costs will be higher as the buildings will be built on large areas.
  • Since the buildings will be built on large areas for less people, the housing need of a small number of people is met.

Since it has these disadvantages, the application of horizontal architecture is preferred more frequently in cities and Anatolian cities whose historical characteristics should be preserved.

Suitable for Landscape Architecture Turkey is M?

New trends in architecture, landscape architecture is an approach that is appropriate for Turkey. Since they live in high-rise buildings with vertical architecture and thus their neighborly relations are ended, people can preserve their cultural characteristics with horizontal architecture. Thus, they can establish their neighborly relations comfortably and assist when necessary. In addition, the absence of irregular structures with the effect of horizontal architecture ensures that urbanization is correct.

Especially cities, whose historical structure is important, do not lose their historical texture thanks to this architecture.

Thanks to the fact that the houses to be built according to the horizontal architecture offer green spaces to the people, people can get the chance to live in nature. In this way, they avoid the trouble of being confined to concrete buildings in vertical architecture.

Is Horizontal Architecture Applicable For Istanbul?

Horizontal architecture is difficult to implement for Istanbul in the short term. Because with the rapid increase in the population of the city, the construction in the city has caused no new construction land to be built. However, there is an opinion that horizontal architecture can be applied in certain areas of Istanbul with urban transformation studies.

Especially, it is planned to eliminate the bad silhouette of the historical regions of Istanbul due to high-rise buildings with architectural studies. Likewise, buildings suitable for this architecture have been started to be built in areas far from the city.

Are There Toki Projects Made With Horizontal Architecture?

There are housing projects that have recently been and will be built in accordance with the horizontal architecture by the Housing Development Administration (TOKI). In fact, studies have been started to implement projects suitable for this architecture in certain regions of Toki Istanbul. Housing projects suitable for horizontal architecture include places such as Istanbul Silivri and Konya.

Thanks to these projects, it is planned that people will live in a greener place and continue their neighborhood relations as in the past. In Toki projects, which are planned to be built in accordance with this architecture in Konya, the buildings are planned to be 4 or 5-storey buildings, excluding the ground floor. Apart from Toki, projects suitable for horizontal architecture are implemented by construction and building companies and the residences in these projects are preferred by people.

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