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When Depression Comes

When Depression Comes

When Depression Comes

When Depression Comes. Many authors have found writing as a form of therapy. As they wrote, they found a way to release their anger, frustration, and pain. With every stroke of the pen or sentence, many published writers and aspiring writers found solace in their writing. By expressing themselves, they found a way to deal with their confusion and loneliness. At different times, the authors found the pen and paper, the typewriter, and the computer as loyal companions – lifeless but effective substitutes for human existence and interaction.

However, not all of them have experienced happiness and freedom at the time of writing. On the contrary, they saw writing as a temporary escape from their fears and struggles. But despite all their prolific writing, they could not find meaning and hope in becoming masters of words.

Ernest Miller Hemingway was such a writer. He is also one of the most famous people in history who committed suicide due to depression. On July 2, 1961, Hemingway aimed a shotgun at his head and pulled the trigger.
As a Nobel laureate writer who wrote many bestselling books such as Old Man and the Sea and Elveda Arms, Hemingway found fame and fortune in his literary style that is often described as clear and understated. Despite his wealth and popularity, he struggled with crippling melancholy and alcoholism for many years. Hemingway suffered many physical injuries and illnesses throughout his life. He was involved in five jolts, two plane crashes, four car accidents, and a motorcycle accident. The famous author also suffered from high blood pressure, a diseased liver, diabetes and atherosclerosis. But perhaps the most difficult situation he had to face was the fight against fierce sorrow. The biographies pointed to several possible causes of Hemingway’s depression. Some, He says that his horrific experience as a paramedic during the First World War subjected him to death and destruction. Although he was not diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a disease that was not yet named at the time, many literary experts believe Hemingway suffered from the psychological problem in question.

Others believe that Hemingway’s unhappy relationship with his mother was one of the roots of his stress and anxiety. According to some rumors, Hemingway’s mother was a very authoritative person who clearly did not express love and affection towards her son. Hemingway even received a pistol from his mother as a birthday present. The gun in question was actually used by Hemingway’s father to kill himself – another tragic event that could trigger the intense sadness that inflicted pain on the famous writer for much of his life. Much of his writing reflected conflicts and supposedly destructive interactions between male and female characters – perhaps reflecting his own life and relationships. Before he killed himself, Hemingway was undergoing Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT), a procedure that should make him feel better. Unfortunately, ECT was claimed to worsen his psychological condition because the procedure caused Hemingway’s memory loss. Hemingway even accused, in his own words, this form of therapy for leaving him unemployed.

Recent research suggests that Hemingway likely suffers from manic depressive mood disorder. Other doctors claim that Hemingway’s family suffers from a genetic disorder called hemochromotosis, which is characterized by the presence of excess iron in the blood. Excessive iron concentration in the bloodstream damages the pancreas, causing mood swings or depression. In addition to Hemingway’s father, his two brothers and one daughter are said to have committed suicide.

While still alive, Hemingway had tried several treatments to deal with his psychological problems in vain. There are more effective depression treatment methods and strategies nowadays. In addition to anti-depression medications, people with depression can also receive counseling or talk therapy. When self-expression, such as writing, does not get rid of melancholy, people struggling with psychological problems should immediately consult doctors and other health professionals so that early interventions can be made. With medication and therapy, psychological disorders do not have to cause fatal harm to human life.

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