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Which is the Oldest Mosque in Turkey?

Which is the Oldest Mosque in Turkey?

Which is the Oldest Mosque in Turkey?

Which is the Oldest Mosque in Turkey? Rich in places to visit in Turkey. When it comes to places to visit and see, historical buildings come to mind first. One of the historical riches of our country is the historical mosques. The historical mosques that have survived to the present day are all cultural riches with their long years of defiance and architectural features. The article turkey’s oldest mosques listed.

Erzurum Grand Mosque

Erzurum Ulu Mosque is also known as the Atabey Mosque and is also referred to by this name. It is accepted that the mosque was built by Melik Nasırüddin Muhammed, son of Emir Izzeddin Saltuk, in 1179. The mosque has a rectangular plan and draws attention with its pulley dome known as Kırlangıç ​​roof. Although it is divided into seven naves, it reflects the most beautiful examples of Turkish art with its geometric motifs. And also; Erzurum Grand Mosque also has a very important place in terms of Islamic architecture. There are 40 columns in the mosque. The mosque is illuminated by 28 windows. It is the oldest mosque in Erzurum province and at the same time it is the largest mosque in the city.

Habib-i Neccar Mosque

Habib-i Neccar Mosque is one of the most important historical mosques in Antakya. The building was built on a Roman temple. The name Habib-i Neccar, from which the mosque is named, is mentioned in the Quran and the Bible. It is also very impressed with this feature. One of the most striking elements in the mosque is Hz. The sheriff of Muhammad (SAV) with a beard is on display. Habib-i Neccar, who gave the mosque its name, is an important person for both Muslims and Christians and is remembered with mercy and respect.

Habib-i Neccar mosque was built in 636. Caliph Hz. It was built by the armies of Ömer. It was conquered by the Crusaders and converted into a church twice. But; After the mosque was taken by the Seljuks, it was rebuilt. It has an extremely important place in the list of historical mosques.

Aliaga Mosque

Aliağa mosque is located on the road to Damlacık in Konak district of İzmir province. It is stated in the inscription of the mosque that it coincided with the year 1672. The mosque was built by Gedizli Ali Ağa. It is a picturesque mosque and is located in the middle of cypresses and old tombs. The pulpit is made of marble and carved stone.

Besides being one of the oldest mosques; It is also the only wooden mosque in İzmir province. This feature is also very striking. Steps have been taken for the restoration works and studies have been started. The mosque is also the center of attention of local and foreign tourists and is among the important historical buildings of Izmir.

Old mosque

The Old Mosque, located in the province of Edirne, is the first original monumental building in the city that has survived to the present day. Its construction was started by Süleyman Çelebi in 1403. The construction of the mosque was completed in 1414 by Mehmet I, the sword-wearing ceremonies of Ahmet 2 and Mustafa II were held in this mosque. It has seen repairs and renovations in different periods. There is an inscription on the side door of the mosque. According to this inscription, the architect of the mosque is Ömer Ibn-i İbrahim. Inscriptions belonging to the 18th and 20th centuries are located on the walls and pillars of the mosque. Both the architectural structure and interior of the mosque bear the traces of history.

Arab mosque

Located in the province of Istanbul, Arap Mosque is in the district of Galata. The place of worship, which was formerly the Church of San Paolo, was converted into a mosque in 1453 with the Ottoman rule. There are two different rumors about the construction date of the Arab Mosque. The first of these; It was built in 717. With this feature, it is the first mosque in the province of Istanbul.

It is also rumored that the voice of adhan was read from the first Arab Mosque. The second rumor is that the mosque was built during this period because it resembles the original minaret of the famous Emeviye Mosque built in Damascus in 714. The mosque was repaired in certain periods. Adile Sultan, daughter of Mahmud 2, had a cistern and fountain built with her husband Mehmed Ali Pasha. In the passage under the minaret, brick wall remains are noticeable. These ruins belong to the Byzantine period.

Alaeddin Mosque

It is the oldest mosque in Konya province and one of the oldest mosques in our country. It is also the largest mosque in Konya province. The mosque, which was started to be built in the 1st Mesud period, ended with the construction of a cupola in the courtyard of the mosque during the 2nd Kılıçarslan period. It extends in the east-west direction and has a rectangular plan. Its pulpit made of ebony wood is one of the most valuable works of Turkish art.

Silvan Grand Mosque

Silvan Ulu Mosque is located in the center of the city. It is located in the Silvan district of Diyarbakır. It is known that the mosque was built in 1031. There is an inscription on the skirt of the dome of the mosque. In the light of the information in this inscription; The mosque was built between 1152-1157. Artuklu Emir Necmeddin Alpı b. It was built by Timurtaş. It was built of cut stone. It has an oblique rectangular plan in the east-west direction and the mihrab on the south wall of the mosque was built in 1227 during the Ayyubid period. The door in the West is extremely simple, and the door in the East is decorated. The semi-circular skylight and openwork stone decorations are exaggerated. The doors saw repair work in 1913. It affects those who see it with its architectural structure.

Bursa Grand Mosque

It was built by Bayezid I between 1396-1400. The mosque in Bursa is one of the historical symbols of the city. It has twenty domes. It is very legged. With this feature, it is considered one of the most monumental and classical examples of mosques. At the same time the congregation instead of having the most spacious interior is also famous in Turkey. The pulpit of the mosque is one of the most important and beautiful examples of the transition to the Ottoman art of wood carving. It is accepted as a work of art. There are 192 calligraphy signs and graffiti in Bursa Ulu Mosque. Bursa Ulu Mosque, which has an open dome on the top, is also worth seeing with its fountain under the dome. The mosque has a rectangular plan and is covered with 20 domes.

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