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Why Istanbul Investor Prefer Sakarya?

Why Istanbul Investor Prefer Sakarya?

Why Istanbul Investor Prefer Sakarya?

Why Istanbul Investor Prefer Sakarya? Our city of Sakarya is a lush green city in the Marmara region, on the Black Sea coast, with wonderful natural beauties. It is the neighbor of Istanbul, which is considered to be the most crowded in the country and one of the world’s business centers in terms of geographical location, and it is one of the exit gates.

Due to this proximity and other unique features of the city, Istanbul investors prefer Sakarya. There are various reasons for this interest of both domestic and foreign investors living in Istanbul.


1- Being close to Istanbul  

Proximity is one of the features that make Sakarya a center of attraction. Because people who work and survive in Istanbul can come here to escape the chaos, traffic and tiring business life of the city at every opportunity.

During daily or weekend getaways, needs such as accommodation, meals, guides and vehicles are met with the investments here.

Investors also prefer Sakarya because of its proximity, which makes it easy to conduct business A businessman working in his office in Istanbul in the morning can come and follow his work here in the afternoon after a two-hour journey.

2- Sakarya’s Natural Beauties  

The fact that some districts of Sakarya are on the Black Sea coast, the magnificent beauty of Sapanca Lake, villages with untouched structure, lush mountains and hills give a corner of heaven.

For example, you can come across village children selling eggs on the roadside while traveling on paths similar to pathways on trips to high regions. Or you can see fruit and vegetable stalls that have just broken off from their branches.

While the city center is highly developed and civilized, you may be surprised by this naturalness of the countryside. These rapid transitions between old and new are dazzling.

3- Sakarya’s Suitability for Organic Agriculture  

Sakarya has arable land. Thanks to its abundant rainfall and fertile soil, more than one product can be obtained a year. When the abundance of virgin areas is added to these features, Sakarya enters the list of places to invest from the beginning in terms of organic agriculture .

4- The Facts of the August 17th Earthquake

Sakarya is one of the cities most affected by the August 17, 1999 earthquake. Severe earthquake damages, loss of life and property occurred in almost all of its districts, especially in the Merkez District Adapazarı. The city is almost completely destroyed. The silhouette of Çark Caddesi, which used to be the most important and liveliest street of the city, has changed and it has fallen into a deep silence.

Why Istanbul Investor Prefer Sakarya?

During the restructuring, there was a great need for investors. Investors from Istanbul have contributed as much as domestic business people. The destroyed buildings were rebuilt and brand new projects were brought to the city. Çark Caddesi has started to radiate joy again. Works are still being carried out as a continuation of those works.

5- Sapanca Lake Charm  

Sapanca Lake, located in Sapanca District, is a chance for the people living in the region with its beauty and abundance. You cannot get enough of looking at the azure view amidst lush green hills. There are businesses in many places on its coasts. When it comes to restaurants, cafeterias, social facilities, parks, gardens, picnic areas, there are plenty of options for wandering and relaxing.

Sapanca Lake and its surroundings are attractive to investors when these businesses, which are two hours away from Istanbul, are always customers. The investments made also find a return, and more visitors come to spend time in the enterprises.

National or international sailing, surfing and rowing races are held in Sapanca Lake. During these activity periods, extra job opportunities arise.

6- Foreigners’ Interest in the Region  

Citizens of countries such as Qatar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates show interest in Sakarya due to its natural beauties and financial opportunities.

Most of these people mainly live in Istanbul and are involved in business life. There are many people who want to own a house here and are looking for luxury projects to settle down completely or to come on holidays. An environment that will give the opportunity to rest by taking clean lake air is sought.

Construction projects are carried out and completed quickly to meet this need. Both domestic and foreign demands are met. Although the face of Sakarya changes slightly with these projects, it is possible for anyone who has the opportunity to purchase real estate.

7- Industrial Investments

Sakarya province and its districts also offer great opportunities for industrial investments. At the beginning of 2020, a cheese factory worth 25 million Euros was established in Hendek Organized Industrial Zone. The abundance of green areas and agricultural areas in the region and the comfortable feeding of cattle have of course been effective in the establishment of the factory.

Investors have been attracted to the same industrial zone, similar investments have been made a lot, and Sakarya has been placed among the leading cities of the country in the field of industry.

There is no doubt that growth will increase as these investments increase. Trade delegations from Russia were also visited this region, and were informed about potential opportunities and incentives. At the end of these efforts, countries such as Russia are expected to invest.

8- Tourism Investments

There are many historical and natural beauties that attract tourists next to Sapanca Lake.

Some of those;

  • Karasu Beach: This beach, which is located in K arasu district, welcomes many tourists in the summer months due to its proximity to Istanbul. It is one of the longest beaches of our country in terms of length. It is also very suitable for touristic investments.
  • Acelle Plateau: A stream passes through the middle of the plateau, where there are both coniferous and broad-leaved trees. Chestnut trees abound. There are very nice breakfast places to go from the narrow and green roads.

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